Its Time to Overhaul the Church Bureaucracy!

Years and years ago I was the Stake Librarian.  My first job was to bring order to the Christchurch Stake Library which was  straining under the weight of decades of junk.  In order to make sense of what I was to do with a dusty room full of layers of stuff I cracked open the [Read More...]

New Zealand Mormon Church Finances: A Case Study

Last Sunday our RS teacher asked, “What prevents us sharing the gospel with others?”.  My immediate thought was, “Nothing prevents me from sharing the gospel, but a thousand things seem to prevent me from actively recruiting for the church”. We have a wonderful ward, full of very bright, thoughtful and open-minded women.  A couple of [Read More...]

Tithing: Why New Zealanders have it harder than Americans

A couple of years ago I went to my Bishop and spilled my guts about my peevishness over the way the church manages the donations and contributions of its members.  At the time there was a lot of hoopla in the US about the City Creek Mall redevelopment and the estimated $3.5 billion spent by [Read More...]