The New Zealand Marriage (Definition of marriage) Amendment Bill: A private comment on a public submission

On the 29th August 2012 the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill passed its first reading in the New Zealand Parliament by 80 to 40 (with one abstention).  From here the Bill went to a Select Committee for further consideration.  Public submissions closed on the 26th October.  I had been wondering if  the church would [Read More...]

Embodying the Mormon Cultural Turn: A personal reflection

I’ve only been blogging since the beginning of the year but in that time I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of comments from readers.  On a regular basis I get messages from well meaning folk who have questions about my level of observance,  some gently call me to repent, some have  even urged me to leave [Read More...]

How am I supposed to tell my Jesus loving Mormon kids that they aren’t Christian?

This post is in response to a recent blog by Ben Witherington ‘Why Mormonism is not Christian – the issue of Christology.’ My nine year old adores his older brother and it was no surprise that after years of watching Isaac sing choral evensong he too wanted to don a bright red cassock, a crisp [Read More...]

Could this be a Kiwi Mormon Moment as well?

I remember the day I first wrote the word ‘girl’.  I was five years old and in Mrs Brunsden’s Primer Two class at Bamford Primary School.   Of course I always knew that I was a girl, but there was something in the writing of it that gripped me so much that to this day I [Read More...]

A Kiwi-Mormon comment on the US-Mormon election

So its election year in the US.  It’s the year that we get to trust the American public to select the ‘leader of the free world’ (whatever that rather presumptuous aphorism means?).    It’s the year that our news programmes at the ends of the earths are clogged with the latest from the US hustings which [Read More...]

Mormon Excommunication – Why it needs an Ecumenical Council

The three words, “Write a blog” have appeared in my diary consistently over the last few weeks bereft of a satisfying red line through it indicating its completion.  My life has taken a turn to the extraordinarily busy of late, but here I am on a Friday evening, finally with just enough time to contemplate [Read More...]

The Widows on Temple Square

My friend Rachel and I spent a very pleasant couple of hours on Temple Square yesterday afternoon.  I took my promised trip to the COB, and despite trying to convince my quite delicious elder guides to let me through the  unmarked closed doors,  I was unable to break in and thrust myself upon the unsuspecting [Read More...]

Keeping Mormonism really nice- for all?

To the outside world Mormons can look  a bit like Grenda’s shiny happy company employees.  If the ‘I’m a Mormon’ advertising campaign were anything to go by it would seem that ‘we are all individuals’.  It would also appear that despite our unique, and sometimes idiosyncratic life journeys, our common belief in Christ and our [Read More...]

Racism and the Mormons: A case of Brian’s lost shoe?

Yes, I know The Life of Brian is irreverent!  But there’s nothing quite like a jolly good satire to make some pretty clever statements on love, life and the universe.  The more conservative among us might read TLOB as a mockery of the sacrosanct, but I don’t see it that way – obviously.  It’s a [Read More...]

On Fasting and Menstruation!

I had a conversation recently with a wonderful young woman, who, ready to embark on university study declared to me that there was nothing that she could see in Mormon theology that excluded and undermined women.  I was heartened that she was so faithful but I’m not convinced that her literalness will last much into [Read More...]