Embodying the Mormon Cultural Turn: A personal reflection

I’ve only been blogging since the beginning of the year but in that time I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of comments from readers.  On a regular basis I get messages from well meaning folk who have questions about my level of observance,  some gently call me to repent, some have  even urged me to leave [Read More...]

The Secret Life of Mormon Polygamy

Although controversial, in LDS circles there have been a few Mormon women I know who were utterly captivated by Big Love.  While it told us an outlandish story about a  clandestine fundamentalist polygamous underground playing happy families somewhere in The Valley it also outed polygamy as a modern possibility.  It was an intriguing narrative of [Read More...]

To question or not to question ‘The Church’?

A couple of years ago I was in a temple recommend interview with a member of the Stake Presidency.  I had just arrived through the door when unexpectedly and without any particular context associated with the TR questions I was told.’Sister McCluskey, I’ve heard you bare  beautiful testimonies of Jesus Christ, but I haven’t heard [Read More...]

Adultery: Mormon Style

I’m entitled to talk about adultery.  H1 found himself an adoring Other in his Bishop’s office while supposedly counselling her  and then announced to me one Christmas eve that our marriage was over.  A few weeks later he and she were playing happy families and showing up at church together as pleased as can be. [Read More...]

The Culture of the Brass

Some years ago while H1 was a serving as a bishop we attended a very pleasant cottage evening at the Mission President’s home.  As we prepared to leave,   Sister President  took us aside and effused, ‘Thank you so much for coming.  Its wonderful to have the brass turn up”.  I hadn’t thought about myself [Read More...]