Embodying the Mormon Cultural Turn: A personal reflection

I’ve only been blogging since the beginning of the year but in that time I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of comments from readers.  On a regular basis I get messages from well meaning folk who have questions about my level of observance,  some gently call me to repent, some have  even urged me to leave [Read More...]

Mormon Identity In the ‘Mission Field’

I’ve been pondering on the crisis of identity when who we  are  in New Zealand feels so  dissimilar from the culture of an  indigenous American church to which we also belong.  For the Mormon church IS deeply American, and wears the stories, mythologies, politics and culture of its roots upon its loins.  The part that [Read More...]

Reflections on American Mormons at New Zealand Pulpits

  In New Zealand, I grew up hearing that American missionaries loved my congregation, my city, my country and me. They would often effuse from the pulpit, ‘We love the people of New Zealand so much’.   I’m sure those speakers hadn’t intended the opposite effect because their frequent effusions of love delivered so emphatically by [Read More...]