Unlatching from the Amerimormon cultural teat

As I gaze on with admiration as my friend Joanna Brookes becomes Mormonism’s media darling in the US I’m both thrilled and excited about this moment in our religious history.  Joanna’s love of a faith that we share, combined with her take no prisoners honesty about its complexities, inconsistencies and fractures is a rare compound [Read More...]

Demanding Responsibility in NZ Church Finances

There will be some Mormons who will be deeply uncomfortable with the subject of my musings today. Because we Mormons have been studiously instructed to cease to think about our contributions to the church beyond sealing the brown envelope. Matters of faith and pragmatics are often held apart so as to imbue the mundane and [Read More...]

The Culture of the Brass

Some years ago while H1 was a serving as a bishop we attended a very pleasant cottage evening at the Mission President’s home.  As we prepared to leave,   Sister President  took us aside and effused, ‘Thank you so much for coming.  Its wonderful to have the brass turn up”.  I hadn’t thought about myself [Read More...]