Surprise! You’re the Keynote Speaker!

I was at a banquet years ago that focused on celebrating the progress made by a consortium of ministers and churches to combat hunger in the community. I was having a delightful conversation with a pastor seated next to me, Rev. Goodson. The organizer of evening stood up and prayed over our meal and then [Read More…]

Harnessing the Darkness

As Easter approaches a lot of people are under the mistaken belief that being a Christian means living in a state of untroubled emotional bliss. They may feel that periods of anxiety and depression make one repellent to God. They may feel that they should not even attempt to scale the Kilimanjaro spiritual heights of [Read More…]

“He Ascended into Heaven…”

“He Ascended into Heaven…” Thoughts on Ascension Day 2012 Ascension Day is rapidly approaching. What are we to think about this mystery? What are we to teach and preach, if our task is to communicate its meaning to others this Sunday? I  like to break mysteries down into what, why, where, when, and who. At least [Read More…]

Ash Wednesday Closet Cleaning

We like to present a tidy appearance to the world, but we all have closets. Matthew’s Jesus would have us clean our closets, not have an inner “safe room” that is filled with selfish motives and shallow goals.

[Read more…]