Grace Happens!

I like to make lists. So I started making a list of all the good things God is doing in our lives that we can’t control or prevent. [Read more...]

Time to Take Down That Tree!


I know what I need to do. I need to take down each ornament, one by one, and put them in their respective boxes, unwind the lights and wrap
them around the coffee can, take out the fake branches and bind them in bundles to put back in the box. [Read more...]

Do You Need A Prompter?


He stood like a little blonde blue eyed deer in the headlights, the words frozen on his lips. Miss Hefflebauer, from her
spot as prompter, crouched behind the lectern, hissed “Robert,… and the child grew and became strong!” [Read more...]

Level with Me

“Level with me, Do these pants make me look fat?” “Level with me. Am I going to lose this job?” “Level with me, do you still love me?” “Level with me, doctor, how much time do I have left?” We use the phrase “level with me” when we want to know the truth about our future, but we are afraid to ask. [Read more...]

Blame the Baby

Just as I launched into “Lift up your hearts!” a man whispered loudly to his wife, “Whose idea was it to serve communion on Christmas Eve??” [Read more...]

“Say What You Need to Say”

There was none of the usual information a flight attendant gives, no pleasantries or courtesies. When they landed, he came on the intercom and said “We’re here. Get off.” [Read more...]

“The Inn Keeper’s Daughter?”

“Meredith, who do you want to be? Do you want to be the Innkeeper’s Daughter? Or how about a Wise girl? You can be anybody you want.” [Read more...]

“It all leads to Jesus…”

“Everything was going fine until I got to the end and my mind went blank. I had nothing except the memory that I had an ending that I couldn’t remember.” [Read more...]

Christmas Tie?

Right in the middle of Pastor Gary’s sermon, George’s Christmas tie malfunctioned… [Read more...]

Hail Mary

Hail Mary! Several years ago a church I was serving as an interim had a Live Nativity. Various members of the congregation, units of family or friends, signed up for 2 hour shifts each evening the week before Christmas. The United Methodist Women were in charge of serving cider and donuts in the Fellowship Hall. [Read More...]