No Time for Saplings


It’s almost graduation weekend at the University where I teach. A high value is always placed on quality landscaping and a pleasing aesthetic for the campus, but especially so when parents and alumni gather. Then the campus needs to be in prime condition, pleasing to the eye. And I am not against this by any [Read More...]

Ash Wednesday Closet Cleaning


We like to present a tidy appearance to the world, but we all have closets. Matthew’s Jesus would have us clean our closets, not have an inner “safe room” that is filled with selfish motives and shallow goals.

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It’s Go Time! Mark 1:16-20


One of my students, trained as an attorney, told me of an article she recently read in a journal for Alabama lawyers. It was written by a judge and dealt with the top ten things attorneys should never say to judges. The first is “With all due respect, your honor.” Because it is a prelude to disagreeing or objecting, not respect. The second is “I’m not prepared today because…..” I don’t know what the other 8 are. Two is enough.

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Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh: Get Them While Supplies Last!


They stride into Jerusalem like a person wandering bare footed into a snake pit, asking “Where’s the baby king?” Like someone strolling into a public park looking for the guy they’re going to buy a bike from on Craig’s list, stumbling into a drug deal.

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First Things First


One night this past week I had a very vivid dream. I was running- where I didn’t know, I just knew that I had to get there fast. I was running down a long stretch of road, and I was clutching a golden nugget in my hand. It slipped from my grasp as I ran. [Read more...]

Grocery Store Checkout


Thirty years ago when my husband and I got married in York, Pennsylvania, I asked a friend from seminary to read Scripture. She and I had both just graduated from Duke Divinity School in Durham, N.C. I remember that she drove all the way from Texas to the wedding and read l Corinthians 13 like [Read More...]


Walkabout As a recovering workaholic I’m trying to schedule more spontaneous, leisure activities into my week. I know irony. Scheduled spontaneity. Anyway, a friend and I had talked about walking a couple times a week now that the relentlessly oppressive summer heat in Texas has given way to October coolness. She, by her own admission, [Read More...]

“Beware of The Bears”


As I stood there looking at the black bear warning sign, I pictured me being confronted by a black bear. I wondered- what would I do? I would smile at the bear, gesture for it to hold off on making its next move for just a moment, pull out my I phone and look up “What to do when confronted by a black bear.” Maybe it would have been better to look that up before I started the hike. [Read more...]

Swimming in the Jury Pool

I got called for jury duty last week. Again.  They never call you at a good time- when nothing is going on and you welcome the diversion. When I got called three years ago, I went grudgingly- I had a heavy course load and lots of workshops to prepare for. But then when I got [Read More...]

Loving the Body

I just spent a week at “House of Hope” in Puerto Lempira, Honduras. House of Hope (Casa Esperanza) is a clinic/school/orphanage that meets the needs of the children of the Mosquito Coast of eastern Honduras. It is sponsored by a ministry called Send Hope. Send Hope was founded about 20 years ago by Dr. Tom [Read More...]

Separation Anxiety

When my children were small they spent part of the day in day care while I served a church and went to graduate school. Whenever I could, I would pick them up early to have more time with them in the afternoon before supper. I would sometimes get stuck in traffic on the way to [Read More...]

Good Deed at Dillards


I had no business being in the Dillards in the first place. I have more than enough clothes in my closet at home. But if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to be the fashion angel this woman needed in that moment. [Read more...]