Jesus Painted In Ketchup With A Sausage Roll

Jesus Painted In Ketchup With A Sausage Roll November 21, 2017


If it were up to me artist Nathan Wyburn would have more than 305 views of Jesus painted using A GREGGS SAUSAGE ROLL!!

I don’t know if you’ve ever had a sausage roll, Disbelievers. They are everything you would want in a sausage wrapped in pastry. It’s a bit of heaven.

I am a little disappointed that the artist didn’t use brown sauce for his medium and went with everyday ketchup.


It’s an imperfect world.

Check out the video!



Here’s what the artist had to say about his creation:

Jesus painted using A GREGGS SAUSAGE ROLL!
With all the fiasco surrounding the Greggs Sausage Roll replacing Jesus imagery I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to yeah… paint Jesus using a sausage roll with ketchup!!
‘Lord Jesus’ spelled backwards is ‘Susejd Rol’ after all… well done Greggs!!
In the same week as the once-lost portrait of Jesus Christ by Leonardo da Vinci sold at auction for $450 million too… I don’t think this ketchup art will go for that much…

Here is the fiasco Nathan refers to.



* Please don’t buy your holiday/Christmas/Yule tree from the Boy Scouts of America. They discriminate against atheists and agnostics. Don’t finance hate.

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