Slow magic

It's almost Thanksgiving.  All night and all morning, there was a howling storm beating at the windows and walls of my house, and I was at once grateful to be inside and sad for the world we've created together where others are not.  If my social media streams are any indication, a lot of us are feeling that way these days.I'm making dulce de leche, which is a process that's completely satisfying: you pour cans of condensed milk into a double boiler, and you cook and cook it.  Over the co … [Read more...]

Practicing Together #4

Great Blue Heron on Horn Pond

On Mondays, we practice together!  I would love to have you join me at any point during the week.This week, I noticed that after a few days of slipping up on the things that support me – good food choices, downtime, practice – I start to want to do them again.Next week, I invite in the willingness to lean into change.  Several big things are changing in my life right now, and I want to honor them as opportunities to create other shifts I want.Ways this could work: I could mull over wa … [Read more...]