Why I Am A Witch

The Great Nebula in Orion

Before the beginning, there was only desire.  Desire moved the sacred into form.  I don’t know if it was one form or two or if it exploded at once into many gorgeous facets of life; when God Herself whispers this story into my ear, She doesn’t always tell it the same way.  This is why I am a witch: it moves me.  This story breaks my heart open to experience the suffering and gorgeousness of the world a little more deeply.  These practices move me, inch by inch, towards wholeness, service, pur … [Read more...]

Practice: connecting to the self

Ropes tied in a knot

We've talked a lot so far about the theory and architecture of practice, so I think it's time to get into some specifics.  Here's one practice for connecting with parts of yourself that I use and teach frequently.Take a breath.  Notice your physical body.  How do you feel physically?  Do you have aches and pains?  Are you energized?  Tight or loose?  On an exhalation, let go of any tension or discomfort that doesn't serve you.  Then notice that you are a physical body, and you are something e … [Read more...]

Practicing: Honoring Connections

spiderweb with raindrops

I mentioned early on that connection seems to me to be the heart of practice, and I find that specific ways of honoring connections are as universal as the practices themselves are varied.The self  One valuable goal of practice is to allow all of our selves to be heard.  Most of us live in a world dominated by our rational selves, and the thinking, talking, reasoning, chattering voices we use for things like conversation, problem-solving, and managing schedules often get the lion’s share … [Read more...]