One practice or many?

Photo by Kurt Thomas Hunt,

Last week, there was a significant debate over on Sermons from the Mound about whether it’s possible to fully participate in two faith traditions.  As someone with training in — and deep commitment to — two traditions, I tend to fall down on the side of yes, but I also believe that people vary.  My choice to pursue two traditions comes from a lot of things, and but circumstance deserves significant credit.  I find that my second tradition fills in spaces that my first tradition doesn’t lay claim … [Read more...]

What is practice?


A practice is anything you do regularly that nurtures you. You can probably think of a dozen forms of formal practice off the top of your head: prayer or meditation, lighting candles or incense, ritual, chanting or singing, dancing.  All of these are ways that practice can happen.  Creative work can be a practice: writing, painting, collaging, taking photographs.  So can exercise or daily tasks, done with intention.You probably already have dozens of practices of varying levels of in … [Read more...]