Practicing Together #22

A heart-shaped stone in the sand at a beach

These are some very busy weeks.  I'm pretty sure this makes breathing even more important.A breath for two triumphs, one big one over some very long-standing buttons, and one tiny one over a crossword puzzle. A breath for the fear around having important parts of my life hanging on a bureaucratic process I am not in charge of. A breath for the challenges of engaging with family and social expectations and obligations when the days are short and the weather is grey. A breath for … [Read more...]

Practicing together #17

Beach in Wellfleet, MA

On Mondays (or whenever we get to it!) we practice together.  Join us!This week, I noticed that not everything has to happen at once.  I've been struggling lately with feeling like I've made a good decision about one big area of my life, but also feeling like it's keeping me from putting in the time I'd like to put in on other things.  Trying to jam everything in just isn't working, but breathing with the possibility that all of those things can happen, just not all at once, feels spa … [Read more...]

Self-care and being alone

Woman on the edge of a pond, alone

Spiritual practice, to me, is a form of self-care.  Along with eating well, moving my body, and getting enough sleep, it’s one of the core ways that I take care of myself.  I’ve long thought about how to manage my schedule to make enough time for these activities, and I’ve done it increasingly successfully over the years.I've found my need for rest much harder to fulfill, though.  Here’s a confession: I’m an introvert.  I am talkative and sometimes bossy, and at times I crave company.  I spen … [Read more...]