Practicing Together #12

Miniature irises blooming

Rituals!  On Mondays, we practice together.  You are invited to join us in your head, or on your blog, or here in comments.This past week, I noticed that my love of cooking is resurfacing.  When I started a new job in February, for a while, every single thing that involved steps felt overwhelming.  But I've come home from work and cooked dinner a couple of times in the last few weeks, and it's perfect: I feel nurtured and accomplished all at the same time, and I have delicious lunc … [Read more...]

Practicing Together #9

beech tree in winter

Hello, week!  Hello, practice.  Every Monday, we practice together.This past week, I noticed that my idea of what I need to do isn't always right.  I heard myself saying to several people this week "I need to do X, and Y, and Z, but there just isn't time."  This was true, so I didn't do X and Y and Z and it pretty much turned out okay.  Some of those are things that will eventually need to get done, and some of them are things that just don't need to make the cut.This coming week, I invit … [Read more...]