Practicing together #17

Beach in Wellfleet, MA

On Mondays (or whenever we get to it!) we practice together.  Join us!This week, I noticed that not everything has to happen at once.  I've been struggling lately with feeling like I've made a good decision about one big area of my life, but also feeling like it's keeping me from putting in the time I'd like to put in on other things.  Trying to jam everything in just isn't working, but breathing with the possibility that all of those things can happen, just not all at once, feels spa … [Read more...]

Practicing Together #9

beech tree in winter

Hello, week!  Hello, practice.  Every Monday, we practice together.This past week, I noticed that my idea of what I need to do isn't always right.  I heard myself saying to several people this week "I need to do X, and Y, and Z, but there just isn't time."  This was true, so I didn't do X and Y and Z and it pretty much turned out okay.  Some of those are things that will eventually need to get done, and some of them are things that just don't need to make the cut.This coming week, I invit … [Read more...]

Practicing Together #6

Boston Public Garden

Ritual is important.  One of our rituals is that we practice together: here, in comments on social media, on our blogs, or in our heads.  Join us!This past week, I noticed that when I have a lot going on, I want both stillness (sitting practice, downtime) and movement (exercise).This coming week, I invite in the possibility of finding a third way.  Over the last few years, I've been practicing being a steward of my own time and energy, which means a lot of decisions to do this or that.  N … [Read more...]

Practice: Times of Day

beach at sunset

Both traditions I am trained in have a way of acknowledging various points of the day: the beginning and the end, and also midday and dusk.  The practice of bookending my day with a moment of connection is one that feels uncomplicatedly lovely to me.  While these times could benefit from twenty or thirty minutes of practice, they also benefit from one or two minutes of acknowledgement.The midday and dusk times, on the other hand, often come while I’m in the middle of something else, and so pu … [Read more...]

Finding time

Clock close-up

Before we start talking about this, let’s all take a breath.  Time: it is a hard topic.One thing that is true is that pretty much everyone is legitimately busy.  We all have more things that we would like to do than we do hours to do them in.  I would bet my favorite book that in every age, people have felt busier than ever before: our jobs, our family structures and responsibilities, and our tools for communication are all getting to be more diverse and complex all the time.Another thin … [Read more...]