How the Devil Gets to Catholic Bloggers like Me

Can you send a prayer for me today, folks? I’m a bit out of sorts and kind of a mess.

Much of it has to do with family stuff — first and foremost, I am a wife and a mom. And much of what drives my life will never appear on the pages of any blog. When things are slow here, you can mentally picture me catching up on worldly things like laundry, cleaning teenage toilets, or procuring food. Blogging is for “me”, something I treasure, but also the first thing to be set to the side when my family needs me.

Today started early and has been one big round of frustration. Fortuitously, I’ve been at this stuff long enough to recognize the mood I find myself in today, and to know who’s the author of it. A wise friend advised me just now not to credit him in any way so I won’t name him, but suffice it to say he’s gleeful when I am discouraged.

I thought I would share a few of the creative, “new media” ways this enemy gets to this Catholic blogger. He’s high tech these days:

  • He comes in the persona of trolling tweeters, beckoning me to think of witty replies to their disparagement that I can lob in 140 characters or less instead of sending up a prayer and moving along, or even blocking them.
  • He lures me to Google Analytics far too often, where I either pat myself on the back or — far more frequently — spend way to much time thinking about why something isn’t connecting with readers.
  • He lingers around Facebook and catches me when I check too frequently how many “likes” a post has, or if it’s been shared. He may call himself my friend there, but he’s really one of those friends I’d be better off “unfriending” immediately.

The biggest way in which he challenges me is very passive agressive.  He poses as a holy fellow Catholic, but nit picks stuff, making assumptions or even declarations about who I am or what I believe because of what I’ve written, or actually often what I haven’t written. He accuses me of being too liberal, too conservative, not Catholic enough and too much of a holy roller – all in the same day! He knows that rather than processing these labels by ignoring them, by praying for humility and confessing vanity, and by moving along with my main purpose — helping others draw closer to Christ — I far too often work myself into a tizzy.

I see his handiwork all around me today. He’s made a mockery of my morning, but I’m determined that while I’ve lost the battle, I’m strengthened for the war. But just to be on the safe side, please join me in a prayer.

Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host -
by the Divine Power of God -
cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. 


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  • Val

    Thank you for speaking the Truth! I know, he is the accuser! Praise Our Lord and Savior Jesus, who has paid the price for all of our transgressions. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Give thanks in all things. Put on the full armor of God… Keep running the good race keeping your eyes on the goal and you will surely be received with “well done you good and faithful servant”. Pax et bonum!

  • Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle

    Amen!! Never give him credit, but be wise and aware. Great post, Lisa. See what you got out of that frustration? You have helped many others to be aware, awake, and hopefully prayerful. God bless you and keep you!

  • Sarah Reinhard

    Love you, Lisa!

    I don’t know about giving him credit or not…sometimes it helps me to see something for what it is (so if it’s the devil, acknowledging that can help me make something good out of it).

    That said, great post and wonderful insight. Saying prayers for you, my friend!!!

    {{e-hug}} coming your way!

  • sherry

    Oh Lisa, I love you. Thanks for being here and not giving up on the rest of us.

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  • Lisa Mladinich

    Thank you, Lisa! Your honesty and humility always bless my life!

  • Lisa Mladinich

    Thank you, Lisa! Your honesty and humility always bless my life!

  • Daria Sockey

    Google Analytics? Part of me is glad I don’t even know what that is. Part is me (or maybe it’s coming from that other guy you are talking about in the post) is saying–uh oh. I better start fooling with Google Analytics and see what I’ve been missing, how it might improve my traffic, etc.

    • Lisa M. Hendey

      Remain blissfully unaware… at least until Monday!

    • Lisa Schmidt

      Ahem, my wonderful, lovely, charming, dutiful, brilliant, peaceful husband introduced me to Google Analytics. Our relationship has never been … never been … MORE CENTERED ON HOW TO DRIVE MORE TRAFFIC TO OUR SITE.

  • Monica McConkey

    Thanks for your honesty and eloquence. I have a short list of unpleasant interactions with other Catholics who have lacked the grace and integrity and professionalism that I admire in you, Lisa…but unfortunately those experiences are hard to let go of. They seem to come from people…who tread a little too closely in the same little puddle I’m working in. I think it’s healthy to recognize the role of the evil one in our discouragement. From our earliest encounter, Lisa…you have always been so professional and supportive…a pleasure to work with and an awesome leader in Catholic new media. Thanks for all the work that you do!

  • Colleen

    Thank you, Lisa! I have been struggling with some of the same things. Thanks for putting into words some of my own feelings and struggles. And thanks for the St. Michael prayer, too!

  • Lisa Schmidt

    Love you, Lisa. I often think, “What would Lisa Hendey do?” How would Lisa respond?” when I’m dealing with similar situations and tempted to reply with snark and let my prideful colors fly. You have provided me, so many of us, with a charitable, loving, Christian witness – THANK YOU!

    Now go tell Satan to go back to Hell where he belongs.

  • Barb S

    Didn’t see this until now. I hope that you have more peace today, and I will pray the St. Michael prayer on your behalf!

  • Nancy H C Ward

    I can relate exactly to the detailed way we are attacked. Knowing that the God is fighting with us, St. Michael shielding us and the Holy Spirit giving us wisdom to cope with the attacks keeps me sane. Yes, we have to keep on our guard, all the while knowing we are victorious with the Lord!