Three Video Views on the World Communications Day Message


This past weekend, I spent some time putting together a small video consideration of this year’s World Communications Day message, featuring our families: After I’d done this, I found this one from the Philippines! Great minds think alike… Theirs is FAR more indepth – I truly loved watching it! To see the content of [Read More...]

@BishopCoyne’s Appeal Video Offers a “Best Practice”

Photo by Rmaloney78  [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Announced on his Twitter feed today, Archbishop Christopher Coyne’s Annual Appeal video for the Diocese of Burlington in Vermont offers a great example of how our bishops can use tools of social media for great results: Annual Appeal 2015 from Christopher Coyne on Vimeo. The list of current services and possible programs, including a Catholic [Read More...]

@PCCS_VA: Share Your World Communications Day Resources with the Vatican

Image credit: Pontifical Council for Social Communications

From the Pontifical Council for Social Communications comes an offer for all of us to participate in the May 17 World Communications Day in a special way: Vatican City (PCCS) - Communicating the Family: A Privileged Place of Encounter with the Gift of Love is the theme chosen by Pope Francis for the2015 World Communications Day to be [Read More...]

Start Using Those iPhone Earbuds to Their Full Potential


Discovered today on Business Insider: Wow, in shorter than two minutes, I learned 14 power lessons that will definitely come in handy! A question for you: How do you use your earbuds? [Read more...]

On Air with @LinoRulli: A Catholic Mom’s Dream Comes True!

Mom behind the mic!

Last week, I partially ticked an item off of my bucket list. I say “partially”, because when I wrote “co-host a national radio show” on that list way back when, I imagined that my co-host would be in the same studio as I was. As it turned out, my amazing opportunity to be a part [Read More...]

Is Your “Surveillance Use” of Facebook Causing You Envy?


A new study out this week from University of Missouri, Nanyang Technological University, and Bradley University has been making the rounds in the media. Margaret Duffy, a professor and chair of strategic communication at the MU School of Journalism and Edson Tandoc, a former doctoral student at MU and now an assistant professor at Nanyang Technological University in [Read More...]

Pope Francis’ Google Hangout

Image capture--Google Hangout "Scholas Occurrentes".

Today, our Holy Father employed a great tool of technology–the Google Hangout–to meet and converse with young people from around the world: Per the Vatican: Pope Francis held a Google Hangout Thursday afternoon with several disabled kids from around the world, in an event sponsored by Scholas Ocurrentes, a charity which brings together young people [Read More...]

Filming Inside the Vatican Library–Insights from 60 Minutes

By xiquinhosilva from Cacau [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

I’m tardy sharing this, but I found this video from 60 Minutes Overtime to be fascinating. It profiles the efforts of CBS Producer Sabina Castelfranco to film at the Vatican. If you’re into Church and the media, you’ll want to enjoy this four-minute inside perspective. Learn more here. Image Link [Read more...]

My New Buddy: Plush Jesus from @LoyolaPress

"Plush Jesus" photo by Lisa M. Hendey

I’m easing my way back to my desk today by opening mail that came in during Christmas break. My favorite surprise of the day is this: Officially, per the listing at Loyola Press, this great product is “A Child’s Bible with a plush figure of Jesus the Teacher”. While the Jesus figure was designed especially [Read More...]

Avoiding the Sins of the Media

, Archangel Michael in St. Sophia monastery, Kiev, Ukraine, courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc.

Have you sat down and watched television lately? I mean, really, truly watched it? I’d guess that I’ve spent approximately ten hours in the last month watching TV. That figure comes from my estimated five hours of watching my favorite show, Survivor, and five hours of sitting next to my husband working while he watches football. [Read More...]