If You Want to Walk in the Light…

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It’s already working. The Holy Father (aka “Pontifex”) is already reaching millions with his presence on Twitter. Today’s two tweets, timed in conjunction with the Wednesday audience, were destined perfectly for those of us desperately seeking answers in a time of national mourning. I’ve been carrying around a great personal weight today. I don’t feel [Read More...]

The Hobbit – One Mom’s Admission

The Hobbit

OK, let me preface this by saying officially this is not a review of The Hobbit. I’m about to admit something that may get me “unfriended” by my many Tolkien-loving Facebook friends and kicked out of the Patheos Catholic Channel for lack of street cred. Here goes: I have never read The Hobbit. or indeed [Read More...]

Why I #Gratefultweet


For 424 days and counting, my friend @MattSwaim has been starting his social media days with a “#gratefultweet“. His first online communication of the day over at Twitter states — in 140 characters or less — something for which he is grateful. Sometimes the blessings are simple, other times more profound. Regardless, they never cease [Read More...]

Gracious Communication in the Internet Age: What Works?


Today was going along just fine — productive, happy, and relatively stress free — until a certain email crossed my desk. The name and subject of the email will be withheld so that hopefully I can forget this dialogue ever happened. Suffice it to say, I read the initial email which was a request for [Read More...]

#TweetingBishops #FundingFriday #MeatlessFriday & Other Friday Trends


It’s 6:51 am in Fresno, California, dawn barely cresting and I’ve already had what feels like a full day of productive social networking. To bring you up to date on a few trending items: #TweetingBishops – They seemed to really pick up the pace this week in Baltimore, adding several new actively tweeting spiritual shepherds [Read More...]

Real Housewives of Catholic Media – Who Would You Watch?

Real Housewives

Thanks for enduring a few days of “radio silence” here on the blog folks. Hopefully it prepared you for the onslaught of sharing that’s about to happen over the next few days. I always have the best of intentions for blogging when I’m on the road, so in some “alternate reality” I imagined myself working [Read More...]

#USCCB12 – USCCB General Assembly from a Blogger’s Perspective

Catholic Bloggers with Bishop Oscar CantĂș

Friends, sorry for the “radio silence” here for the past few days. I am in Baltimore attending the Fall General Assembly of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. During the daytime, I’m focusing my efforts on “live tweeting” the events, so here are some hashtags and twitter links if you’d like to follow along: [Read More...]

Catholic Twitter’s Bieber — The Photo Journalism Edition

His Eminence, Timothy Cardinal Dolan

A few day’s ago, I asked the lighthearted question, “Who’s Catholic Twitter’s Justin Bieber?” I actually meant the question seriously, and you actually treated it seriously by offering great suggestions of our own realm of social media influencers who have the capacity to “get stuff done” with 140 characters or less in a well timed [Read More...]

Who’s Catholic Twitter’s Justin Bieber?


This article headline over at Mashable today caught my eye: New Jersey Governor Tweets at Justin Bieber for Help With Sandy Relief The article goes on to detail New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s recent Twitter efforts to raise needed support for those suffering the aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy’s rage. I credit the Governor (or whatever [Read More...]

#FundingFriday — How Your Five Bucks Can Change Our World


Call me an idealist. But I believe that together, we have the opportunity to make our world a better place. I’m tired of hearing complaints about politicians and taxes and bureaucracy. I’m also tired of my own laziness — of the moments when I read something inspirational online, tear up a bit, resolve to “do [Read More...]