#Synod14 Day 2 Recap from @SaltandLightTV

I am truly enjoying the work being done by Salt and Light TV at the Synod. To find out the highlights of what happened today, take fifteen minutes and watch this video. It includes a fascinating conversation with Cardinal Pell and a review of the day’s testimonies. Sebastian Gomes shares with us highlights from Day [Read More...]

#Synod14: Why I Care & What I’m Watching

I did a radio segment this morning about the Extraordinary Synod on the Family, currently ongoing at the Vatican. In preparation for the segment, I reached out to a few groups of friends both online and in “real life” to ask if they were watching the Synod. I was a bit surprised by their answers. [Read More...]

Pro-Life Group’s Billboards Repeatedly Defaced

Click on images to view in full detail From the Bay Area, news about a very sad series of attacks on a Pro-life organization’s tools: Billboards featuring a baby alongside a fetal development fact have been repeatedly vandalized and damaged, according to Mary Ann Kuharski, Director of PROLIFE Across AMERICA, the group sponsoring the pro-life [Read More...]

Even if You’re Not in ND or TN, Pay Attention to This Legislation

From Patti Armstrong this week at National Catholic Register comes important information on legislations in that states of Tennessee and North Dakota which could quickly establish unrestricted abortion in those states. Armstrong writes in part: Tennessee and North Dakota are launching a counteroffensive in the battle for life that could reverberate across the country. Both have [Read More...]

Inside the Synod — Meet the Salt + Light Team

I am a HUGE fan of the work of Father Thomas M. Rosica, CSB who is the Chief Executive Officer and (in my mind) heart and soul of Salt + Light Television. Not only is Father Rosica a gifted and tireless communicator for the Church and a brilliant man, my experience of his is that he is [Read More...]

Bishop Tobin: “We’ve Got to Do Something”

I LOVE the type of transparency and openness which is at the heart of today’s article from Bishop Tobin of Providence. In the piece, he expresses his concerns openly and with empathy as he addresses pastoral care for divorced and remarried Catholics. Bishop Tobin’s remarks point to a compelling dialogue which will likely unfold at [Read More...]

OSV & Bunson Offer Excellent Extraordinary Synod “101″ Help

You’ve been hearing about it, and if you’re Catholic you really should pay attention to the upcoming extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family to be held in Rome from October 5-19. Why does it matter if we pay attention? Because if past experiences hold true, the media will be filled during those opening days of [Read More...]

What Is Your Parish Doing to Aid Caregivers?

What Is Your Parish Doing to Aid

A great article ran at OSV this week “Parishes could offer a solution to the problem of a caregiver’s 36-hour days”. The article shares how prevalent the role of caregivers is in today’s society: By one count, the overall total of caregivers in America now stands at more than 65 million, which is around 30 [Read More...]

Am I a Shepherd Pasturing Myself?

In my prayer time this morning, I was rushed and distracted. As a result, I almost skipped reading today’s first reading from Ezekial 34. I’ll be honest — all too often my daily prayer time, spent partially contemplating the day’s gospel, is simply another “to do” item on my list. But something caused me to [Read More...]

Amidst Family

I’m popping in to offer an update for my radio silence here on the blog. If you’ve been following my “Epic Road Trip” via Facebook or Twitter, you perhaps know that I’m perched atop a beach chair adjacent to Lake Michigan for the week, enjoying time with my extended family. The environment doesn’t lend itself [Read More...]