Bishop Tobin: “We’ve Got to Do Something”

I LOVE the type of transparency and openness which is at the heart of today’s article from Bishop Tobin of Providence. In the piece, he expresses his concerns openly and with empathy as he addresses pastoral care for divorced and remarried Catholics. Bishop Tobin’s remarks point to a compelling dialogue which will likely unfold at [Read More...]

OSV & Bunson Offer Excellent Extraordinary Synod “101″ Help

You’ve been hearing about it, and if you’re Catholic you really should pay attention to the upcoming extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family to be held in Rome from October 5-19. Why does it matter if we pay attention? Because if past experiences hold true, the media will be filled during those opening days of [Read More...]

What Is Your Parish Doing to Aid Caregivers?

What Is Your Parish Doing to Aid

A great article ran at OSV this week “Parishes could offer a solution to the problem of a caregiver’s 36-hour days”. The article shares how prevalent the role of caregivers is in today’s society: By one count, the overall total of caregivers in America now stands at more than 65 million, which is around 30 [Read More...]

Am I a Shepherd Pasturing Myself?

In my prayer time this morning, I was rushed and distracted. As a result, I almost skipped reading today’s first reading from Ezekial 34. I’ll be honest — all too often my daily prayer time, spent partially contemplating the day’s gospel, is simply another “to do” item on my list. But something caused me to [Read More...]

Amidst Family

I’m popping in to offer an update for my radio silence here on the blog. If you’ve been following my “Epic Road Trip” via Facebook or Twitter, you perhaps know that I’m perched atop a beach chair adjacent to Lake Michigan for the week, enjoying time with my extended family. The environment doesn’t lend itself [Read More...]

How We Can Help with The Plight of Unaccompanied Child Refugees

Today, I am pleased to share my recent email interview conversation with Christine Donnelly, Communications Manager, USCCB office of Migration and Refugee Services. I’ve asked Christine to bring us up to date on this humanitarian crisis, what the USCCB is currently doing, and how we — as Catholic families — might respond to the situation with prayer [Read More...]

Women and Children: Pastoral and Material Assistance to Mothers, Single and Married

Look at the blog post title above and you’ll see a weighty topic broached. Perhaps indeed too weighty for this blogger’s limited theological and sociological capacities. But when my editor Elizabeth Scalia invited all of the members of the Patheos Catholic Channel to be a part of a special Symposium to anticipate the Extraordinary Bishop’s Synod [Read More...]

A Prayer for Memorial Day

Two weeks ago, I was preparing to give a weekend retreat in San Diego. As I tracked the wildfires that were shutting down traffic along my route past Camp Pendleton, I pondered all of the men and women who have so bravely served in that place and in so many others around the world. As [Read More...]

“Irreplaceable” Looks at “Family” in Today’s World

Tomorrow night, in 700+ theaters around the country,  the question “What is family?” will be addressed head on with a nationwide screening of the film “Irreplaceable”. I haven’t yet seen the full film, but the portions that I have watched encourage me that this is an opportunity to discuss an ever-evolving issue in our society. The [Read More...]

Personalities: What’s Yours and Does It Matter for Catholics?

A good friend — who shall go nameless unless he/she outs him/herself in the combox — invited me to take a personality test last week. Since I was on vacation and my guys were still sleeping, I avoided the “I’m too busy” temptation and took the simple fifteen minute test. The results were interesting, and [Read More...]