Consistory for the Family: Facing the Realities of “Family”

Coming from the Vatican today, we have an overview of the opening moments of this week’s extraordinary consistory for the family. The day began with an opening address from Pope Francis: Dear brothers, I extend a warm greeting to you all and, with you, I thank the Lord who has given us these days of [Read More...]

Tender Mom Moment – A Slow Air for Monday

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 9.18.00 AM

Because its Monday, because that game yesterday wasn’t so super, because I’m in a bit of a mental funk today, and because it’s played by one of my favorite musicians, here is a lovely slow air to share with you today. The artist is obviously my son Adam, but he’s playing an instrument that he’s [Read More...]

I Want You to Know

New out in advance of the Walk for Life West Coast, a brief but compelling video that gives the viewer a look at the range of emotions confronted by post abortive women: Click through to read the accompanying statistics. [Read more...]

Note to Self: Call Grandma & Thank Pope Francis

Need a little kick in the pants today to remember that old adage, “Charity begins at home”? Then read today’s first reading from 2 Maccabees and then watch the video summary of Pope Francis’ homily today: In typically eloquent yet understandable fashion, our Holy Father reminds us of the importance of treating our elderly loved [Read More...]

Small Success Thursday: Little Is OK

Small Success Thursday

How is it already Thursday? It’s tempting to populate this week’s Small Success Thursday post (run in conjunction with some other amazing small succeeders at with a bunch of whining about what I didn’t get done. By this point in the week, I was supposed to have the better part of Chapter Two of [Read More...]

Small Success Thursday: Unpacking Edition

Small Success Thursday

Over at, my friends and colleagues Sarah Reinhard and Sherry Antonetti have resurrected one of my favorite features: Small Success Thursday. The formula for participation is simple: share three successes (and little ones count!) from your week and participate in the link up on the post at CM.  The results? From what I’ve seen, [Read More...]

Rome: The Capital of the Family — What Will it Take?

New out this morning is a report on the upcoming Synod on the Family and other family related information from Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family: This morning in the Holy See Press Office Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family, presented the twelfth plenary assembly [Read More...]

Hey Pope Francis, Thanks for the Synod!

Fresh news this morning that Pope Francis has called for Third Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, to be held in the Vatican from 5 to 19 October 2014, on the theme “The pastoral challenges of the family in the context of evangelization”. Rome Reports has an overview: Video Link Since it’s an ‘extraordinary [Read More...]

Does Oversharing Online Scar Our Kids?

CNN has an interesting feature online today about whether or not we — as parents — are “oversharing” our children’s lives on social media. Read the entire article, but my favorite portion of the feature was this video interview with Blake Wilson, a.k.a. “Bat Dad”: Having just returned from a long weekend with my adorable [Read More...]

Embracing My “Wow!”

I am sitting in the airport after having spent a most fabulous weekend in Denver. The fun kicked off with my Thursday night presentation at Legatus Denver and continued through the weekend with family time. I’m the oldest of five in a pretty tight knit clan. My youngest brother, sister in law and precious niece [Read More...]