@USCCB Lanza Lecturas Diarias De La Misa En Español En Línea

Consistently on my personal “must do” list for the last five years have been four few simple words: Learn to speak Spanish! In crafting my list of “resolutions” for 2015, the words are there again. Living in California and endeavoring to serve my Church reminds me at least once per week that to communicate effectively [Read More...]

Archbishop Fisher Urges Prayers for Sydney

From the Archdiocese of Sydney’s website: While a hostage siege continued in Sydney’s CBD for most of the day  Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP called for prayers for the hostages and their families and for a peaceful resolution. Archbishop Fisher said; “We are all shocked and saddened by what is happening in Martin Place today. My [Read More...]

Even if You’re Not in ND or TN, Pay Attention to This Legislation

From Patti Armstrong this week at National Catholic Register comes important information on legislations in that states of Tennessee and North Dakota which could quickly establish unrestricted abortion in those states. Armstrong writes in part: Tennessee and North Dakota are launching a counteroffensive in the battle for life that could reverberate across the country. Both have [Read More...]

Praying for Peace in the Midst of Unsettled Uncertainty

I have been offline a lot the past few days. Frankly, I’ve been unplugged in general as we move my youngest back in at college. In a way, there is tremendous comfort in doing things like unpacking boxes of books and laundering musty comforters. I’m normally not super awesome at doing “mom stuff” like this. [Read More...]

Do My Irish Need an Ethics Lesson from Golfer Cameron Tringale?

The Fighting Irish faithful are again licking our wounds as headlines of a potential cheating scandal make news in advance of the season opener on August 30 at home against Rice. I know that blogging about Notre Dame on a Catholic website is tantamount to opening the floodgates. But because of something I read today, I can’t [Read More...]

Praying for Peace in Iraq

Pope Francis led us in prayer today with three separate posts on Twitter for those living in Iraq: These were followed up with a press release (included below) from the USCCB’s Committee of International Justice and Peace. It is clear that these persecuted families need our immediate prayers and attention. Please join me in praying [Read More...]

How We Can Help with The Plight of Unaccompanied Child Refugees

Today, I am pleased to share my recent email interview conversation with Christine Donnelly, Communications Manager, USCCB office of Migration and Refugee Services. I’ve asked Christine to bring us up to date on this humanitarian crisis, what the USCCB is currently doing, and how we — as Catholic families — might respond to the situation with prayer [Read More...]

Families in the Philippines Need Continuing Support in Wake of Typhoon Rammasun

Last night, when I drifted off to sleep, I did so with prayers on my lips for the families of the Philippines, who were then awaiting the impact of Typhoon Rammasun. Before going to bed, I had requested the following interview with Elizabeth Tromans, a Regional Technical Advisor for Emergency Preparedness and Response for Catholic Relief [Read More...]

CRS Egan Fellows Announced – Will Travel to Syria

Eileen Egan

As a recipient of last year’s Egan Journalism Fellowship from Catholic Relief Services, I know firsthand what an amazing experience the newly announced Egan Fellows will enjoy. I thought I’d share today’s announcement from CRS and invite you to pray not only for these four journalists who will travel to Syria, but also for writers [Read More...]

Does #FreeHappyIranians Point to Larger Societal Change on the Horizon in Iran?

On the surface, it seems like a nothingburger… Six Iranians, joyously dancing to Pharrell Williams’ trendy song “Happy”. They’re just doing what tons of people around the world have done — jamming to a popular tune: As of today, the video has 600K+ views. It probably would have been lucky to have 600 if it [Read More...]