Supporting Sandy Sufferers


Out here in California, I look out my office window and see a serene street and the grey low 60′s weather that reigns here in the Central Valley at this time of the year. My morning has been relatively quiet and the only sound I hear outside is the buzz of a nearby lawnmower. Suburbia… [Read More...]

Gone Fishin’ Edition – News You Can Use


…or something equally as fun. I’m playing hooky today. I’ll likely share a few details of my adventure with you tomorrow, but in the mean time I thought I’d share a few newsy takes for you to enjoy in my absence: #FundingFriday – If you caught me on today’s SonRise Morning Show you heard me mention this [Read More...]

ND’s Bishop Kagan on Voting with a Catholic Conscience

Most Reverend David D. Kagan, Bishop of Bismarck & Apostolic Administrator of Fargo

Late last week, I shared the news of Diocese of Bismarck Bishop David Kagan’s planned weekend communication to the faithful of the Dioceses of Bismarck and Fargo, as well as the fact that his planned letter had been leaked to and reported by the Huffington Post. You’ll now find Bishop Kagan’s Letter on “Catholic Citizenship” online [Read More...]

Of the Huffington Post, North Dakota, Catholic News & Elections


Today, I learned of this article at the Huffington Post with the blaring headline: North Dakota Senate Race: Bismarck Bishop David Kagan Said To Write Letter To Influence Voters If you read the article you’ll find it detailing Diocese of Bismarck Bishop David Kagan’s embargoed letter to the faithful of his diocese instructing them to vote [Read More...]

Armchair Quarterbacking: The Debate Edition – Who Won?

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Disclaimer: I can’t answer my own question… at least not yet. Last night, I watched the “pre-debate warm ups” on a variety of channels before jumping in my car and heading to a local parish to give a talk to an assembled group on the topic of Advent. We’ll talk later about how ironic it [Read More...]