#LaudatoSi: The Encyclical, The Movie?

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This was launched over a week ago, but somehow with all of yesterday’s mania over Laudato Si, it’s funnier than ever: What do you think? Are we allowed to have a little fun with this. You can probably guess my favorite part: the Holy Father tweeting! [Read more...]

#LaudatoSi and Me

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As I type this, I have the extreme pleasure of gazing over my own little corner of God’s creation. I’m home for a few weeks and soaking up the beauty of the Valley while I play “beat the clock” against a book deadline. I’ve found that it’s easy and pleasurable to take my laptop and [Read More...]

How Will I Choose Simplicity to Break Walls of Poverty?


Pope Francis never ceases to make me think, to challenge me deeply. In today’s Wednesday audience, he continued his catechesis on family but pivoted to a matter which seems to be at the heart of his papacy: caring for the poor. He taught: Dear Brothers and Sisters: Today we consider one of the conditions which [Read More...]

Homeless Receive Special Invite to Experience the Sistine Chapel

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From Vatican Radio today, a beautiful outreach to the poor of Rome. I have personally never had the chance to experience the Sistine Chapel, but it makes my heart smile to know that the Vatican will welcome 150 souls to have that special treat. The Office of Papal Charities has organized a special visit to [Read More...]

Pope Francis Makes a Statement with Distribution of Pocket Gospels

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  From yesterday’s Angelus prayer: Pope Francis offers pocket Gospels from the hands of the neediest As he did last year during Lent, the Pope offered all those present a pocket-sized Gospel, which was distributed by some homeless people who live in Rome. “Here we see a beautiful gesture”, he remarked. “Those ones most in need [Read More...]

Pope Francis’ Google Hangout

Image capture--Google Hangout "Scholas Occurrentes".

Today, our Holy Father employed a great tool of technology–the Google Hangout–to meet and converse with young people from around the world: Per the Vatican: Pope Francis held a Google Hangout Thursday afternoon with several disabled kids from around the world, in an event sponsored by Scholas Ocurrentes, a charity which brings together young people [Read More...]

Bishop Peter F. Christensen to Boise: “The Grace of Yes” in Action

It felt fitting today to watch a portion of the wonderful press conference announcing the naming by Pope Francis of Bishop Peter F. Christensen, as the Eighth Bishop of of the Diocese of Boise. That it came to my attention on a day when Pope Francis asked in his remarks at the Wednesday audience that the faithful pray [Read More...]

Summoning The Courage to Admit Our Sinful Nature

Not much time for a long reflection on this today, but I need to point you to Pope Francis’ homily for today’s gospel (Luke 7:36-50) and particularly one portion which has stayed with me all morning: “The privileged place to encounter Jesus Christ is in our sins”. Pope Francis observed that this may seem like [Read More...]

#Defunkifying — What’s Your Strategy?


As rarely happens to me, I have been in a dark mood for the past few days. I don’t have a good excuse. And try as I might to simply “snap out of it”, my funk has lingered beyond its welcome. I’ve tried all of the usual strategies in my arsenal: prayer, more prayer, the [Read More...]

Sweet Tweets for 8/22/14 – Children of God

I love this week’s lead “sweet tweet” from Pope Francis, which reminds us that we are each “children of God”. What a precious notion – we parents know how much we love and would give our lives for our children. Many of us are sons and daughters of living parents who would do the very [Read More...]