Summoning The Courage to Admit Our Sinful Nature


Not much time for a long reflection on this today, but I need to point you to Pope Francis’ homily for today’s gospel (Luke 7:36-50) and particularly one portion which has stayed with me all morning: “The privileged place to encounter Jesus Christ is in our sins”. Pope Francis observed that this may seem like [Read More...]

#Defunkifying — What’s Your Strategy?


As rarely happens to me, I have been in a dark mood for the past few days. I don’t have a good excuse. And try as I might to simply “snap out of it”, my funk has lingered beyond its welcome. I’ve tried all of the usual strategies in my arsenal: prayer, more prayer, the [Read More...]

Sweet Tweets for 8/22/14 – Children of God


I love this week’s lead “sweet tweet” from Pope Francis, which reminds us that we are each “children of God”. What a precious notion – we parents know how much we love and would give our lives for our children. Many of us are sons and daughters of living parents who would do the very [Read More...]

Am I a Shepherd Pasturing Myself?


In my prayer time this morning, I was rushed and distracted. As a result, I almost skipped reading today’s first reading from Ezekial 34. I’ll be honest — all too often my daily prayer time, spent partially contemplating the day’s gospel, is simply another “to do” item on my list. But something caused me to [Read More...]

Praying for Peace in Iraq

Tweets from Pope Francis' @Pontifex Twitter Account

Pope Francis led us in prayer today with three separate posts on Twitter for those living in Iraq: These were followed up with a press release (included below) from the USCCB’s Committee of International Justice and Peace. It is clear that these persecuted families need our immediate prayers and attention. Please join me in praying [Read More...]

Instrumentum Laboris: What We Need to Know

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 10.31.37 AM

It’s likely that we’ll begin hearing soon from the mainstream media on today’s release of Instrumentum Laboris (working document) for the 3rd Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops (to be held October 5-19). Since this document deals with survey results on several culturally significant marriage and family topics, we may get a fair amount of [Read More...]

Am I “Spiritually Corrupt”?


I love praying each day’s daily gospel in conjunction with a few helpful spiritual resources. Lately, my favorites are our daily gospel reflections at and the quick video excerpts from Pope Francis’ homily from Rome Reports. Today’s relatively brief gospel passage (Matthew 5:38-42) left me feeling upbeat and positive upon first reading. “I’m doing [Read More...]

Sweet Tweets for 5/31/14 – Tuning Out and Tuning In.


It’s so easy to fall “off the grid” occasionally. It happened to me this week when I took some time offline to attend my son’s college graduation. My laptop, usually a fixture in my day to day routine, collected dust. The most “tuning in” I did was via my phone, with an occasional glance at [Read More...]

Sweet Tweets for 5/23/14 — Already??!!

The Ambassador of the Vatican in Israel, Nuncio H.E. Archbishop Giuseppe Lazzarotto and EL AL President/CEO David Maimon shown in front of the aircraft adorning Pope Francis’ official logo. Photo credit: Sivan Farag

When John Clem sent me this week’s Sweet Tweets, we both agreed that it couldn’t possibly already be Friday. Despite the fact that we just shared STs (as I call them in my head) on Monday, this was still an incredibly action packed week. I love the photo above, which depicts the awesome EL AL [Read More...]

Sweet Tweets for 5/19/14 — Anticipating the Holy Land

PopeHolyLand 2

Yes, you read that right. It’s Monday and we usually do “Sweet Tweets” on Friday, but I was literally offline having a “mountaintop” experience for the past four days. I was fortunate to lead a women’s retreat at the amazing Whispering Winds Catholic Camp and Conference Center. I’ll share more on that later, but for [Read More...]