The Way of the Cross: #RosaryCrawl Unites Us in Prayer

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I am pleased to be a part of the “MARY of NAZARETH” Blog Tour/Rosary Crawl, along with many other inspiring bloggers. To learn more, visit the Rosary Crawl itinerary here. I remember the night I sat in a movie theater and participated as a sold out audience watched a premier of the film Mary of Nazareth. Seated [Read More...]

The Song: A Profound and Enjoyable Movie Experience


The Song is not a simple movie, but I believe it is a profound one, and an incredibly important one. As I sat watching a screener on a recent summer evening, I paused my version more than once to let portions of the dialogue sink in. Frankly, I also needed to get up and grab [Read More...]

“The Identical” Looks Awesome!


Take a peek at the trailer for The Identical, coming out in theaters on September 5th. I think it looks awesome! Starring Good Fellas alum, Ray Liotta as Pastor Reece Wade, the Divergent’ s Ashley Judd and new comer Blake Rayne! A pastor’s son who feels a call to sing, not preach, learns a shocking [Read More...]

“Heart of Gold” by Fr. Pontifex & Yung PK Totally Rocks


Seriously… Released today by Spirit Juice Studios is the video for the great song “Heart of Gold” by Fr. Pontifex (a.k.a. Fr. Claude “Dusty” Burns) with Yung PK from the album The Symphony and The Static. Even if you think you don’t like rap, you simply MUST watch this video. In my mind, this is [Read More...]

Grace Unplugged: Must See Movie Sings a Song of Redemption & Dreams Come True

About a month ago, I took my husband on a date to the movies. I’m lucky to frequently receive invitations to advance screenings. Sometimes they are good, sometimes a bit short of the mark, so I often attend alone. A sneak peek at the Grace Unplugged movie trailer told me this was the perfect film [Read More...]

Mary of Nazareth: Compelling Film Brings Mary’s “Yes” to Life

MARY OF NAZARETH - Theatrical movie poster

I recently had the great privilege of pre-screening an amazing new movie, Mary of Nazareth, an epic new motion picture on the life of Mary, mother of Christ, from her childhood through the Resurrection of Jesus. The film will become available for sponsored screenings in theaters through Ignatius Press and Carmel Communications beginning  October 1, 2013. [Read More...]

Win Free Movie Tickets: The Conjuring

The Conjuring

Warning: I haven’t seen The Conjuring yet. So this is not a post where I’m telling you to go see it. I’ve seen the trailer, and it alone is scary enough to have me sleeping with the lights on. Here’s a write up from IMDB: Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren work to help a [Read More...]

Man of Steel: Three Faith Takeaways

Man of Steel

I’m likely late to the party in writing about Man of Steel, but since I’ve been on the road so much lately I just saw the film this week. The PG-13 rated film ranks an AIII (for adults) from Catholic News Service and a less-than-glowing review from Fr. Robert Barron. My take: I sort of loved [Read More...]

World War Z: Three Faith Takeaways

world war z

I may end up sleeping with all the lights on for the next few nights due to my viewing this afternoon of the pretty amazing zombie flick World War Z. Rated PG13 and with an AIII rating from the USCCB, this film mainly stars Brad Pitt and a bunch of (actually not too gruesome as [Read More...]

The Great Gatsby: Four Faith Takeaways


With the most sincere of apologies to my AP English teacher Brother Aquinas, I never read The Great Gatsby. And owing to old age, any knowledge that I had of the plot from my perusal of the Cliff Notes version has been lost through the years. So I went into today’s viewing of Baz Luhrmann’s [Read More...]