Where I’ve Been: When a Writer Writes


Although none of you have asked for it, I feel I owe an explanation to any readers of this blog to explain my sporadic presence here of late. I’m “writing”. I don’t know if you have any “writers” in your life, but perhaps you recognize some of the traits of this strange breed: We ponder, [Read More...]

It’s Not about Green Beer: Celebrating the TRUE Spirit of St. Patrick

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Although I haven’t set foot outside my own home today, I know the rest of the world is draped in kelly green. Like Christmas, the annual celebration of St. Patrick’s day seems to start earlier each year. There’s one person in my life, not a person of faith, who faithfully replaces their Valentine’s day pink [Read More...]

Jean Heimann: Seven Saints for Seven Virtues

Jean Heimann

In March of this year, I had the great blessing to spend a good amount of time with an advance copy of the beautiful book Seven Saints for Seven Virtues by Jean Heimann. Jean’s publisher had invited me to pen the book’s foreword. Honestly, for me this task of writing something to compliment an author’s [Read More...]

How I’ve Been “Renewed” by the Work of Father Robert Reed

father robert reed

I’m a huge fan of the work being done by Father Robert Reed, who is a priest of the Archdiocese of Boston and the president of the CatholicTV Network. Father Reed is wildly gifted at using the tools of the New Evangelization to win hearts and souls for Jesus and the Church. But more importantly, he [Read More...]

The Generosity of a Widow, The Courage of 10,000+ Martyrs

I love it when God grants me an especially fruitful prayer time on a busy Monday morning. In my world these days, a 24/7 workweek sometimes renders “Monday” insignificant. But this morning, my “office” actually has a desk and is in California! And today’s “to do” list has me digging myself out of a huge [Read More...]

St. Charles Borromeo: “The Grace of Yes” in Action

It’s very funny how work on “The Grace of Yes” has helped me to see the world through different eyes. I’m always on the lookout for “The Grace of Yes in Action”. I spotted it today in the life of St. Charles Borromeo. As we read in Pictorial Lives of the Saints (emphasis mine): About [Read More...]

Virtual Pilgrimage to Carmel of Lisieux for Therese’s Feast

To celebrate St. Therese today, take a “virtual pilgrimage” to the Carmel of Lisieux. From the e-newsletter of Maureen O’Riordan: The Carmelites of Lisieux and the Association of the Friends of St. Therese and of her Carmel have produced in English, on the Carmel’s community Web site, half a dozen short films (two to four [Read More...]

How Well Do YOU Know St. Francis? Take the Quiz!

In advance of his feast day and in celebration of the awesome new book When Saint Francis Saved the Church by popular historian Jon Sweeney, Ave Maria Press has a totally cool interactive “all things Francis” quiz online this week. I won’t tell you my score, but suffice it to say that I need to read [Read More...]

Of Venerable Fulton, and Bodies


I’ve been praying all day about what to write today. My day started early with a radio segment on the Sonrise Morning Show where host extraordinaire Matt Swaim and I had a scintillating conversation about the iPhone-Jennifer-Lawrence-nude-photo-icloudgate situation. We agreed to skip beyond talking about why women would choose to photograph themselves au naturel and [Read More...]

FREE Wisdom from the Saints & Brandon Vogt

You’ve probably heard me say before that I’m a huge Brandon Vogt fan. Which is why I jumped at the chance to get a free copy of his new book  The Saints’ Favorite Books: Read What They Read, Become Who They Are. The book is perfectly formatted for you to not only enjoy, but also use [Read More...]