Top Catholic Tweets for 05/08/15

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This week marks the final installment of Top Catholic Tweets here at my blog. It is moving over to its rightful “home” with its author John Clem now serving as its host. It’s been an amazing opportunity to share this feature with you each week and to see firsthand the news of the world and [Read More...]

Top Catholic Tweets for 05/01/15

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As I work on this weeks Top Catholic Tweets, I’ve got CNN on in the background and am watching coverage of the situation in Baltimore. This week, we have seen that city–and others around the country–erupt with emotion. Today’s announcement that six police officers have been charged in the death of Freddie Gray will surely [Read More...]

Top Catholic Tweets for 04/24/15

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  I’m grateful to my friend John Clem, O.F.S. for this week’s Top Catholic Tweets: Today, I have a feeling similar to waking up from a long, long nap. As I type this, I’m sitting in a high rise in Chicago. Yesterday at this time, I was riding on a Greyhound bus through rural Mississippi, [Read More...]

Top Catholic Tweets for 04/17/15

I apologize for the “radio silence” here at the blog. I’m on Day Five of sleeping at the hospital with my mom after her hip replacement surgery on Monday. Soon, I hope to have a post about all I’ve learned from this amazing week spent in her company and amidst so many compassionate health care [Read More...]

When the News is A Call to Action: Top Catholic Tweets for 3/27/15

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As always, the news of the week leads me into prayer. There is something about these waning days of Lent which has my heart aligned so fully with those who are suffering and in pain. I recall as a young girl that at our Catholic school we used a Stations of the Cross booklet which [Read More...]

Is It STILL Lent? Top Catholic Tweets for 3/20/15

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How is your Lent going? Mine seems interminable. Although this Lenten season has been filled with amazing blessings, there are some days when it feels as though the season will never end. When I have days like that, I try to unite my tiny, tiny “sufferings” with Christ, asking God to help me grow more [Read More...]

Top Catholic Tweets for 3/16/15

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This week’s news comes on the heals of a very busy week for me and for our Church. I’ll be back in the next few days with posts on my experience as Lino Rulli’s co-host, my time at the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Religious Education Congress and much more. But until then, take some time [Read More...]

Top Catholic Tweets for 3/06/15

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Not much to say today except, “It’s been one of those weeks.” If you’ve had one of those weeks too, you’ll probably agree with me that having John’s recaps today is a big help. Sometimes, when we’re in our head and feeling a bit out of control, it helps to look outside ourselves and see [Read More...]

Notre Dame Family Says Goodbye to Two Beloved Sons–Top Catholic Tweets for the Week of 2/27/15

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As a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, I’ve had a week of remembering, of gratitude and of prayer. Professor Charles Rice It started Wednesday when I learned of the passing of Professor Charles Rice, Professor Emeritus of Law at the University of Notre Dame Law School. While I never met Prof. Rice in person, [Read More...]

Of Bryce: Personalizing the Headlines–Top Catholic Tweets for the Week of 2/21/15

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On Thursday night, I had a brief interaction, lasting approximately three hours, that will substantially change the way I read news headlines in the future. I was flying home from Atlanta (from a very cool project that I’ll be sharing here soon). Seated next to me (in the unfortunate “middle seat” position) was a very [Read More...]