Every Life Is A Gift: #MarchForLife2015 — Sweet Tweets for 01/23/15

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This was a terrific week for Catholic news watchers! From Pope Francis’ journey to the Philippines (and yes, “bunny-gate” to) to the March for Life, there was so much to view, engage in, and discuss. I have to say that one of my favorite bits of news was the announcement of Blessed Junipero Serra’s upcoming [Read More...]

Mourning Kristel Padasas and Celebrating #PopeFrancisPH – Sweet Tweets for 01/17/15

By Benhur Arcayan (Malacanang Photo Bureau) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I was prepared this morning to write about how wonderful it has been to watch Pope Francis’ visits this past week to Sri Lanka and the Philippines. What a blessing to see the joy with which he has been greeted by people whose faith is so alive and vibrant. Certainly there has been news this [Read More...]

Sweet Tweets for 01/09/15

John Clem

I’m grateful to my friend John Clem, O.F.S. for this week’s Sweet Tweets: Papal Tweet:  “Christianity spreads through the joy of disciples who know that they are loved and saved.” (Pope Francis, Jan. 3rd) Week of Prayer for Christian Unity January 18-25, 2015 (Holy Land Franciscans) ow.ly/GaK16 Pope Francis receives John XXIII Community – Lay faithful now 8,000 strong (News.va) ow.ly/Gdv8B [Read More...]

Which “Master” Am I Serving? – Sweet Tweets for 12/19/14

In his tweet for this week, Pope Francis sent a message that is helpful to remember during the busy Christmas season: Today, as I worry about Christmas presents to purchase and holiday parties to dress up for, I’m asking myself if I’ve misplaced my priorities, if I’m serving the wrong “master”. While my intentions for [Read More...]

Let Nothing Discourage You–Sweet Tweets for 12/12/14

This incredibly busy season of the year can feel daunting for all of us. So much to do, so little time! Personally, I feel the pressure of social engagements, gifts to be extended, and the general calendar-filling that accompanies December. To be sure, it is all wonderful stuff. But I feel so very busy. On [Read More...]

Drawing Near to the Poor–Sweet Tweets for 12/05/14

What do you think of when you hear the word “poor”? I was praying about this when I read Pope Francis’ tweet from earlier this week. In it, he challenged me, “the Church is called to draw near to every person, beginning with the poorest and those who suffer.” I was praying about it when [Read More...]

A Still, Silent “Yes”–Sweet Tweets for 11/21/14

still yes

At some point this month, I am going to find or make time to write a long post about my experience of spending five days in the convent with the Daughters of St. Paul in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. I really am. Now that I’ve moved along to a busy catechetical conference in Northern California and [Read More...]

Sowing Dignity–Sweet Tweets for 11/14/15

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the diversity of our Church, about how her different people make up an amazing part of her complexity and her beauty. This week, I’ve found myself chatting with a young former marine turned security guard in Alabama, a front desk clerk at a Manhattan boutique hotel and [Read More...]

Being Humble Helps–Sweet Tweets for 11/07/14

This has been an interesting week. While the rest of the world was watching election returns, I was doing my darnedest to stay off of Amazon to keep from obsessing over one little number that is for me a near occasion of sin. While I should have been praying for the poor souls in purgatory, [Read More...]

Saintly Souls — Sweet Tweets for 11/2/14

Since last week’s Sweet Tweets, I’ve been on the move. From Dallas, to Chicago, to Baltimore, to Morgan Hill in my home state of California. Each of those experiences deserves a blog post of its own. But today, mellowing out to my Matt Maher Pandora channel in front of a quiet fire in anticipation of [Read More...]