Sweet Tweets for 6/20/14 — Sharing Our “Treasure” on World Refugee Day

Refugee children from Iraq in Jordan

Today, we commemorate “World Refugee Day”. According to the website of the United Nations: “Most of the world’s refugees – 86 per cent — live in the developing world, compared to 70 per cent 10 years ago. Most of these countries have kept their doors open to people in search of safety, and have shown [Read More...]

Am I “Spiritually Corrupt”?


I love praying each day’s daily gospel in conjunction with a few helpful spiritual resources. Lately, my favorites are our daily gospel reflections at CatholicMom.com and the quick video excerpts from Pope Francis’ homily from Rome Reports. Today’s relatively brief gospel passage (Matthew 5:38-42) left me feeling upbeat and positive upon first reading. “I’m doing [Read More...]

A Sneak Peek at My New Book “The Grace of Yes”


While the November 3 release date feels extremely distant, I’ve received permission from my awesome publisher Ave Maria Press to give you a “sneak peek” at the cover and descriptive copy for my new book The Grace of Yes: Eight Virtues for Generous Living. So without any further ado, I present to you the new [Read More...]

My 14 Goals for 2014 – What Are Yours?


I know many of you hate making New Year’s resolutions, but the optimist in me always loves the freshness of a new year, a new calendar, and an opportunity to “do better” in the year ahead. This year, instead of resolutions I’ve decided to give myself fourteen goals for the New Year. I’ve tried to [Read More...]

Are Humility and Forgiveness Related?


Today, I am writing in my manuscript on the topic of forgiveness. One point I’ve been mulling is the connection between humility and forgiveness. I’m asking myself if my inability to forgive certain infractions against me — or perhaps even more frequently against my loved ones — has to do with a lack of humility. [Read More...]

Humility: Constructing Solid Foundations


Today, in work on my book project (which may still be the early death of me) I am writing on the topic of humility. In my research on the topic — since I truly have a lot to learn — I ran across the most beautiful quotation, attributed to St. Augustine: Do you wish to [Read More...]

Integrity: Is It Even Possible in Today’s World?


I’m writing today about Integrity and would love to hear your thoughts on the topic. What are some of the challenges you face in your world that perhaps keep you from living a life full of integrity? How does today’s society challenge us in this virtue? What’s a success story of a time you or [Read More...]

America Video Portrays Strong Catholic Women

I’m grateful to our Sweet Tweeter John Clem for pointing me to this wonderful video from America Magazine, which portrays stories of several strong Catholic women of faith. Their stories show the diversity of today’s Catholic woman, but also her heart connection to her Catholic faith and how that permeates her entire life. America asked [Read More...]

The Crescat Responds to my Recent “Yes to Love” Query with Style & Spirit


Leave it to Katrina Fernandez — AKA “The Crescat” here at Patheos — to respond to my recent question about celibacy with wit and wisdom. Let’s talk about expressing love and having sex. I get asked a lot, as a single person, about the “lack of love” in my life. How do I cope? Do [Read More...]

Is Conscious Celibacy a “Yes” to Love?


I could use your opinion. Especially if you are single. I’ve run into a bit of a sticking point in my work on my new book, “The Grace of Yes”. In one of the chapters, I am looking at the concept of saying, “Yes” to love in our lives. I want to include all kinds [Read More...]