My New Buddy: Plush Jesus from @LoyolaPress

"Plush Jesus" photo by Lisa M. Hendey

I’m easing my way back to my desk today by opening mail that came in during Christmas break. My favorite surprise of the day is this: Officially, per the listing at Loyola Press, this great product is “A Child’s Bible with a plush figure of Jesus the Teacher”. While the Jesus figure was designed especially [Read More...]

Striving for the Greatest Spiritual Gifts

Strive eagerlyfor the greatest spiritual (1)

I had some fruitful prayer time this morning not only with the day’s readings, but also with a manuscript for a terrific book that will be launching within the next several months. That reading time came after I’d already enjoyed my morning prayer time. One particular verse from 1st Corinthians 12 was stuck in my [Read More...]

Too Blessed to Be Stressed: The Bible, on Busyness

I love it when God hits me between the eyeballs with a baseball bat message directed just when I most need it. It happened again today. I was looking at my calendar, which today holds not only my usual work, but also an important Diocesan School Board meeting and the filming of not one, but [Read More...]

New Tagalog Catholic Bible

Because I have so many Filipino Catholic friends, I was thrilled to receive an email today from the Catholic Marketing Network notifying me of a brand new Tagalog Catholic Bible – this will likely be a gift to many! I hope to get a look at it later this week when I attend the Archdiocese of [Read More...]

The Bible: Why I’ll Be Watching the Burnett/Downey Miniseries

I’m not usually a huge television watcher, but there is one show that’s a “don’t miss” for me: Survivor. I’ve daydreamed about getting voted off the island for years and even have my strategy all worked out for floating under the radar to ensure myself a jury position. When Jeff Probst comes calling, I’m ready [Read More...]