Denver Catholic Register Rolls Out Updated Site

Kudos to the Archdiocese of Denver and the team behind the Denver Catholic Register and El Pueblo Católico on the launch of two fantastic websites this past week. Both look fantastic and are chock full of news and information to compliment the print publications. Along with news, you’ll find their active Facebook and Twitter platforms. It’s great [Read More...]

Conclave Central: What I’m Watching

The View from My Office Today - Conclave coverage on multiple screens!

My friend Sarah Reinhard just emailed me to ask the simple question: “Who are you watching for Conclave coverage live?” My answer: everyone! Here’s what I shared with her: “You would laugh if you could see my desk. I have Twitter on my main screen, CatholicTV and Salt and Light on my second monitor, EWTN [Read More...]

Greg Willits & Catholics Next Door Begin a New Adventure

The New Evangelization and You

Those sighs you hear resonating across the country from devoted listeners of Sirius XM’s The Catholic Channel are a reaction to today’s big news that tomorrow will be the last episode of the channel’s popular show The Catholics Next Door. Listeners will be tuning in one last time tomorrow to hear co-hosts Greg and Jennifer [Read More...]