Facebook Safety Check Aids with #NepalEarthquake Info Flow

Screen capture of Facebook Safety Check system announcement for Nepal Earthquake

I was happy to see this weekend that Mark Zuckerberg posted about the activation of Facebook’s “Safety Check” feature following the earthquake in Nepal: This morning we activated Safety Check for people affected by the earthquake in Nepal. It’s a simple way to let family… Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Saturday, April 25, 2015 In [Read More...]

“Catholic Moments” with Judy Klein and Thomas Awiapo


I’m happy to share the recording of this week’s episode of the all new “Catholic Moments”, which is now airing as a bi-weekly radio program on Radio Maria USA. In this episode, we were honored to feature the work of Catholic author and speaker Judy Klein and Catholic Relief Services spokesperson Thomas Awiapo. Listen: Listen [Read More...]

3 Gifts Your Catholic Valentine Would Prefer More Than Roses

Image credit: Shutterstock

I’ll admit that I’m not a huge fan of what “Valentine’s Day” has become in recent years. Those of us blessed to be in marriages would probably agree that the need to make a big deal out of the love we should be expressing every day feels forced and challenging. But a good thing about [Read More...]

Why You Should Buy Me a Cow for Christmas!

I’m constantly amazed by how well our friends at Catholic Relief Services help and support us in our quest to live out the true meaning of the liturgical calendar. As we advance through November toward the season of Advent, now is the time to begin planning how we will prepare for our commemoration of Christ’s [Read More...]

Ending #Ebola: How You and I Can Help


We’ve watched on television as news of Ebola has reached our shores over the past few weeks. I can’t help but think that for some of us, it took an outbreak here in our country to wake us up to those who are suffering from this crippling health crisis around the world. When I learned [Read More...]

Catholic Relief Services Launches Typhoon Haiyan Information Center

In an effort to keep everyone informed and updated on the latest news and information regarding Super Typhoon Haiyan, Catholic Relief Services has launched a landing page that centralizes information on the latest news from the Philippines. Included on the page are: Latest news on the crisis A simple format for making an online donation [Read More...]