Sweet Tweets for 5/31/14 – Tuning Out and Tuning In.


It’s so easy to fall “off the grid” occasionally. It happened to me this week when I took some time offline to attend my son’s college graduation. My laptop, usually a fixture in my day to day routine, collected dust. The most “tuning in” I did was via my phone, with an occasional glance at [Read More...]

Pope Francis Continues to Urge Prayers for Central African Republic

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In a new video out today, Rome Reports emphasizes Pope Francis’ concern for the people of the Central African Republic: In the past few weeks, Pope Francis has constantly kept one fragile country in his thoughts, the Central African Republic. POPE FRANCIS URBI ET ORBI DECEMBER 25 “Grant peace, dear Child, to the Central African Republic, often [Read More...]

Msgr Dieudonné Nzapalainga, Archbishop of Bangui, Condemns Attacks on Muslims in CAR

TheArchbishop Dieudonne˙ Nzapalainga  and Imam Omour Kobine of Bangui pray together during a tour to spread the word of tolerance and reconciliation at a mosque in the quartier Kilometre 5 in Bangui, Central African Republic on December 11, 2013. Just earlier at a a church, IDPs staying at the camp realised that a truck with food supplies was delivered by the Muslim community as in an act of goodwill and screamed in the local language song " we would rather die of hunger than eat a gift of food from muslims." Many also screamed that the food was poisoned. On the morning of Thursday 5th, December Christian anti-balika militants entered the city and attacked Seleka rebels. Over the days that followed hundreds of people were killed. The Seleka made up of a muslim majority with many of the rebels originating from northern Central African Republic, Sudan and Chad brought to power a new president Michel Djotodia, a former Seleka leader in a March 24, 2013 coup.  The political establishment has failed to control the armed group that has wreaked havoc, including murdering, looting and burning of villages on the civilian population with mass displacements resulting throughout 2013. A 1600 strong French force deployed to the country is supporting African Union peacekeepers and attempting to disarm the rival Christian and Muslim fighters in the country.

New out from Caritas International and Vatican Radio is a broad-ranging interview conversation with Msgr Dieudonné Nzapalainga, Archbishop of Bangui and Caritas Central African President. In the February 18 discussion, the Archbishop strongly condemns the rising tide of violence: One group has decided to take revenge. They’re mainly young people. They have seen their villages burnt [Read More...]

Horror in Central African Republic Needs to Wake Us Up

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Sorry, but I’m about to rock your pleasant Saturday. Since I returned from my trip to Rwanda with Catholic Relief Services, I read the news headlines with a new type of intensity. It seems I can no longer sip my dark roast while I flip through the news on my iPad, and then go about [Read More...]

Central African Republic Archbishop Says “We Must Act NOW”

Central African Republic

New out today on The Guardian is a strongly worded letter from Archbishop Dieudonné Nzapalaing of Bangui and President of Caritas Central African Republic calling us to action to help save lives in Central African Republic. Before I get into sharing his letter –a plea, really — let me share a few facts for those [Read More...]