Angelic Voices Herald Christmas in Harvard Square


I was there that night and saw it with my own eyes: the kindling of the spirit of Christmas and the joy when that spirit leaped into life! It may have started off like any other bustling Saturday night. College students enjoyed a night off from studies. Shoppers peeked though store windows while restaurant diners [Read More...]

3 Easy Ways to Share Your Faith when Hosting “Holiday” Parties

3 Easy Ways to Share Your Faith

My ears are still ringing this morning from the awesome party we threw at our house last night. I’ll be scraping red frosting off the floor and finding half filled plastic wine cups around the house for the next few weeks. But hosting close to a hundred of my husband’s work colleagues in our home [Read More...]

Celebrate Christmas TODAY with The Boys of St. Paul’s Choir School


Your calendar may read October 7th, and I know we haven’t even celebrated Advent yet, but I’m going to urge you to begin celebrating a little bit of Christmas TODAY. With the launch of the beautiful new CD “Christmas in Harvard”, The Boys of St. Paul’s Choir School have given us a Christmas gift that deserves [Read More...]

Doing the “Holiday Party” Circuit When You’re Not in the Mood

Is your calendar as crazy as mine is this week? We’ve got a slew of “holiday parties”, many of them professional responsibilities, that involve dressing up in high heels and going out when I’d truly rather snuggle up in PJs and finally watch the finale of Survivor (and no spoilers please!) Normally I love parties, [Read More...]