Is “Sped Up” Conclave a Good Idea?

From yesterday’s New York Times (excerpted): Church law states that cardinals should wait 15 days after the papacy becomes vacant before starting a conclave so that the cardinals eligible to vote have enough time to travel to Rome. That timing also took into account a papal funeral. But because Benedict announced on Feb. 11 that he would [Read More...]

How to Become Pope… at Least According to Youtube

With close to half a million views in just one day, this eye-catching video is proof that many are obviously using tools like these to learn about and share the process of electing our new pope. Of interest are the comments, which reflect what we’re up against in the New Evangelization. [Read more...]

Interactive “How a Pope Is Elected” Pretty Cool!

If you have a few moments, head over and visit the awesome interactive feature “How A Pope is Elected” at La Stampa’s Vatican Insider. The screenshots below will give you a sense of how the animated feature walks you through the locations central to the Conclave. You’ll even see Swiss Guard and red-clad Cardinals processing [Read More...]

A Word from Your Catholic Friend: What Not to Say to Me Today

Here’s a bit of friendly wisdom for my non-Catholic friends and neighbors who may be wondering what the heck to NOT to say to me on a day like today when I’ve just received big news that my spiritual shepherd is resigning: Wow, I heard your Pope’s quitting. This means he’s dying, right? Wow, that’s so [Read More...]