Saying “Yes” to God – Please Share Your Stories


Now that I am home from Rwanda, work is beginning in earnest on my next book, The Grace of Yes. Without giving too much detail here, I will share that this book is an encouragement to all of us — myself included — to be more open to God’s will for our lives. As I’m [Read More...]

Phone Conversion: A Glimmer of a Convert’s Path

My first photo with my new phone... sharing because it's pretty!

I was born into a Catholic family and raised in a home where being Catholic was as much a part of my DNA as being Irish. Although I’ve had my moments of being spiritually lackadaisical, I’ve been Catholic all my life. And even though I’m married to a convert, I never really had a solid [Read More...]

Tweeting with Atheists: Can There be Dialogue?

One of my first stops each morning is to pay a quick visit to my favorite social media site: Twitter. Typically, my overnight haul of tweets that I’ve missed includes a gem from @Pontifex (who likes to tweet around 2:45 am my time) and messages from my friends living in other parts of the world. This morning, [Read More...]

When Evangelism is Offensive

I’m still mulling over a treadmill “conference” I had with a dear friend this morning at the gym. This particular person is very religious, but not Christian. My friend shared the recent experience of being invited to a “dedication” (Baptism type ceremony) for a friend’s newborn child. The ceremony occurred within the context of the regular Sunday [Read More...]