Let’s Skip the Pizza Tonight and Provide Emergency Shelter in Nepal

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal and India on April 25, 2015. CRS, Caritas and its local partners are responding with much needed relief in the affected areas. Photo by Jake Lyell for Catholic Relief Services, used with permission

For the last week, we’ve been watching heartbreaking images coming out of Nepal. Immediately after the quake hit, I thought of my friends at CRS, certain that they were already mobilizing immediate relief into the area. I was right, and on their Newswire website they have been giving frequent updates like this one, posted yesterday: [Read More...]

One Year after #Haiyan, Our Love and Prayers are Still Needed

It’s hard to believe that we’re only a few days beyond the one year anniversary of Typhoon Haiyan and that the news from the Philippines brings many stories of recovery and rebuilding. This stunning photo from our friends at Catholic Relief Services paints a vivid image: It hardly seems possible that so much cleanup and [Read More...]

Why You Should Buy Me a Cow for Christmas!

I’m constantly amazed by how well our friends at Catholic Relief Services help and support us in our quest to live out the true meaning of the liturgical calendar. As we advance through November toward the season of Advent, now is the time to begin planning how we will prepare for our commemoration of Christ’s [Read More...]

Ending #Ebola: How You and I Can Help


We’ve watched on television as news of Ebola has reached our shores over the past few weeks. I can’t help but think that for some of us, it took an outbreak here in our country to wake us up to those who are suffering from this crippling health crisis around the world. When I learned [Read More...]

Following the @USCCB #PeacePilgrimage Online

As a Catholic geek, I love the fact that when our Bishops do something as important as take a “Peace Pilgrimage” in the Holy Land, they go out of their way to share it with the faithful using the latest tools of technology. An overview of the trip is provided by the USCCB: This week, [Read More...]

CRS Video from Iraq Will Melt Your Heart: Watch, Pray, Share & Give!

Not many words are necessary to accompany this amazing firsthand look at those impacted by the ongoing crisis in Iraq. Catholic Relief Services’ Communications Officer Caroline Brennan shares from the heart about what is being done to aid those most impacted by the ongoing violence in the region: If you can get past the frames [Read More...]

CRS Egan Fellows Announced – Will Travel to Syria

Eileen Egan

As a recipient of last year’s Egan Journalism Fellowship from Catholic Relief Services, I know firsthand what an amazing experience the newly announced Egan Fellows will enjoy. I thought I’d share today’s announcement from CRS and invite you to pray not only for these four journalists who will travel to Syria, but also for writers [Read More...]

@TheAtlantic Looks at Post-Genocidal Health Trends in #Rwanda

Today, I continue my 100 day series remembering the twentieth anniversary of Rwandan genocide. Please join me in prayer for those lives lost and impacted in this tragedy. #NeverAgain. LMH In my ongoing look at the Rwanda twenty years after the genocide, I looked today at the article “This Is Resilience” which appeared on April 4th [Read More...]

“We forgive because we know God is so forgiving”

Today, I continue my 100 day series remembering the twentieth anniversary of Rwandan genocide. Please join me in prayer for those lives lost and impacted in this tragedy. #NeverAgain. LMH Today, I want to point you to a beautiful article by my friend Helen Blakesley. Helen is the CRS regional information officer for West and Central Africa. [Read More...]