Drought and the Church’s Teachings on Water

Image credit: Pixabay

We all know that clean drinking water is a basic necessity of life. But worldwide, over a billion people lack access to it. I share my thoughts in this video blog on the connection between the drought and our faith. [Read more...]

Doing the California Drought: Is a Brown Lawn Holier?


My husband and I are blessed to live in a lovely home, in a beautiful neighborhood, in a fabulous city. We are blessed. But the city we live in is in the state of California, where the water shortage has been well chronicled. We in the Golden State are in a serious drought. A serious [Read More...]

My Lenten Prayer and Fasting Amidst California’s Drought

My Lenten prayer and fasting this year has included a new focus since the March 7th release of the following press release from Sacramento’s Bishop Jaime Soto. While the rest of the country has been struck by the “polar vortex”, we here in the Central Valley of California are literally begging God for rain and [Read More...]