Our Lady of Guadalupe Does Not Back Political Candidates

In my hometown of Fresno, a political maelstrom broke out this week over a campaign poster backing Leticia Perez, a candidate for the California State Senate in the 16th district. Here, in all its glory, is the poster: Although I’ve been digging for details, I still have yet to discover a confirmed written news account of [Read More...]

First Time Voters and the Politics of Facebook

First time voter 11_06_12

I am an extremely proud mom this morning. Actually, I’m typically a proud mom, but today the feeling is fresh and shiny. Here you see a photo of my son Adam, after voting for the very first time. We woke early so that we could go together before school. I’ll admit to being at times [Read More...]

St. Jude Election Novena Begins Tomorrow

Along with finding your polling place location and studying your sample ballot, one of the great ways you can prepare for the upcoming election is by participating in the St. Jude Election Novena, which begins tomorrow. Click here for more information and to register. I love this Novena prayer circle for many reasons, not least [Read More...]