Watch Donna-Marie (and me!) Tonight on EWTN

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Last year, I was honored to visit EWTN and be a part of a very special project hosted by my good friend Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle. “Catholic Moms Cafe” is a five part series that has been airing all week, twice per day. The reviews for the show have been excellent, which is not surprising given [Read More...]

Congratulations Brian Patrick and Matt Swaim!

Matt Swaim, new host of the SonRise Morning Show

Every Thursday morning for the past few years (or at least most of them!), I’ve woken up screaming early to join my friends at EWTN’s Son Rise Morning Show to talk technology and faith. The majority of those calls have been preceded by a conversation earlier in the week with the show’s producer extraordinaire, Matt [Read More...]

EWTN News Nightly with Colleen Carroll Campbell Debuts

I’ve been waiting for the big debut of Colleen Carroll Campbell’s new show EWTN News Nightly since it was announced. Here’s the video of Colleen’s first episode for those who missed it live: Colleen Carroll Campbell is poised, thorough and ultimately “watchable”. This will be a daily blessing for those of us who want news [Read More...]

EWTN News Nightly Looks Like a Winner

Recently released by EWTN, this promo for the new show EWTN News Nightly with Colleen Carroll Campbell has me truly excited. We watched — and fell in love with — Colleen during the recent Conclave coverage on EWTN. She was impeccably informed, true to the teachings of the Church and altogether charming in her sharing [Read More...]

My Trip to EWTN

I’m waking up this morning in a sort of dream-like state. As I look out my window, I can see a beautiful grove of trees. Just beyond it sits the brown, brick studio where Mother Angelica began a global television station — EWTN, the Eternal Word Television Network — out of a garage. I am [Read More...]

We Interrupt this Blog’s Silence…


… to explain that I’ve simply been unable to compose two coherent words for the past few days. With our son away at college in Cambridge and several friends in Boston, I was majorly preoccupied last week watching the events surrounding the Boston Marathon terrorist act unfold. Sometimes writing and blogging helps to distract from [Read More...]

Pope Francis on the Priesthood and the Eucharist

From EWTN comes this short video footage, where — as Cardinal Bergoglio — he comments on the role of the priesthood and the beauty of the Holy Eucharist: I love his comments on the laity, the faithful, in the participation of the Eucharist and his excited plea to young men to consider the beauty of [Read More...]

Conclave Central: What I’m Watching

The View from My Office Today - Conclave coverage on multiple screens!

My friend Sarah Reinhard just emailed me to ask the simple question: “Who are you watching for Conclave coverage live?” My answer: everyone! Here’s what I shared with her: “You would laugh if you could see my desk. I have Twitter on my main screen, CatholicTV and Salt and Light on my second monitor, EWTN [Read More...]