Evangelii Gaudium Day One: A JOY EVER NEW, A JOY WHICH IS SHARED

Happy New Year! If you’re Catholic and you’re reading this, my greeting makes sense as we find one another on the eve of the first day of a new liturgical year and celebrating the dawn of a new Advent. I love Advent. That wasn’t always the case… In my younger years, Advent’s seemingly penitential nature [Read More...]

Saying “Yes” to God – Please Share Your Stories


Now that I am home from Rwanda, work is beginning in earnest on my next book, The Grace of Yes. Without giving too much detail here, I will share that this book is an encouragement to all of us — myself included — to be more open to God’s will for our lives. As I’m [Read More...]

Rwanda Journal #10: A Bishop, A Bashed Nose, Goodies and Experts

Follow all of my Rwanda Journal posts here. First of all, please accept my apologies for the abbreviated post yesterday. While the hotel we stayed in — the Centre Saint Andre owned by the Diocese of Kabgayi in the Muhanga district was beautiful, the Internet connectivity (and the hot water — as my photos will [Read More...]

Rwanda Journal #9: Holy Mass, Coffee Growers, Genocide Memorial and Our Lady of Kibeho


Follow all of my Rwanda Journal posts here. Mass, Our Lady of Wisdom, Diocese of Butare This day started with an early wake up call — we were off to Mass bright and early at Our Lady of the Miracles, the Cathedral in the Diocese of Butare. As a gift to our group, our celebrant [Read More...]

Out of Step?

On an increasing basis, I find myself feeling “out of step”. I look at the world around me — a world I love and engage with and wouldn’t change if I could — and feel somehow out of sync. When I get this feeling, I’m reminded of my days as a high school “flag girl”. [Read More...]

Sully Sullenberger, Grace Under Pressure and Faith in Action

Last night, Greg and I had the pleasure of hearing a talk by Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger, III, better known as Captain Sully Sullenberger. We’re in Las Vegas at a medical conference and Captain Sullenberger was the keynote speaker for a gathering of physician leaders from around the country. Prior to his introduction, we viewed [Read More...]

The Grace of Accepting Help

I was reminded today what a blessing it is to have such a supportive online community of friends. In numerous situations lately, the power of a strong praying community has felt so very tangible in my life. When I begin to doubt my course in life on long, strenuous days, God inevitably graces me with [Read More...]

Being Bold

A note from Lisa: Here’s another archived piece — I hope you’re enjoying a relaxing weekend! LMH Last weekend, I witnessed an amazing display of evangelization in action. Greg, Eric and I were each spending time in our own favorite corners of Barnes and Noble.  I was standing in front of the parenting section, looking [Read More...]