Our Lady of Guadalupe Does Not Back Political Candidates

In my hometown of Fresno, a political maelstrom broke out this week over a campaign poster backing Leticia Perez, a candidate for the California State Senate in the 16th district. Here, in all its glory, is the poster: Although I’ve been digging for details, I still have yet to discover a confirmed written news account of [Read More...]

ND’s Bishop Kagan on Voting with a Catholic Conscience

Most Reverend David D. Kagan, Bishop of Bismarck & Apostolic Administrator of Fargo

Late last week, I shared the news of Diocese of Bismarck Bishop David Kagan’s planned weekend communication to the faithful of the Dioceses of Bismarck and Fargo, as well as the fact that his planned letter had been leaked to and reported by the Huffington Post. You’ll now find Bishop Kagan’s Letter on “Catholic Citizenship” online [Read More...]