Cry Room: Love or Hate?

U.S. Catholic wants your input. [Read more...]

What Ants and Sin Have in Common

I’d intended to return from my weekend away and offline with some type of mind-bending post on Lumen Fidei, or a at the very least a recap of the incredible things I learned from the various kilt-wearing-Guinness-chugging reenactors I met this this weekend at the Scottish Highland Games in Monterey. But then I returned home [Read More...]

Why Catholics Skip Mass

I recently read an interesting article on the blog of Father Christopher M. Zelonis — another “Fr. Z” — who calls himself a “Catholic Priest, Amateur Musician, Insatiable Verbivore and Dedicated Runner” The post in question was called “Unpacking the Precepts”: The Lord’s Day Observance and it delved into the reasons that the average Catholic [Read More...]

30 Things I’ve Learned from My #Whole30

With my best friend in Scottsdale this past weekend

Today is January 30th, 2013. For me, it marks the end of a commitment I made to myself on January 1st. But more importantly, it’s the end of one tiny leg of a journey that I’ve decided needs to last longer. Many of you have been following along and prayerfully supporting my Whole30 experiment this [Read More...]

Halfway to Whole? What I’ve Learned in the First 15 Days of My Whole30

Readers who have been paying attention will know that when I snuggle into bed tonight, I will have — God willing — successfully completed Day 15 of my Whole30 challenge. If you have no idea what “Whole30″ means, take a look at this site, which spells out all of the details. Since I haven’t personally [Read More...]

Our Own Versions of the Holy Family

Old St. Mary's Cathedral, San Francisco

First off, let me thank you for tolerating the week of silence here on A Good Measure. Like most of you, I took the past week off to celebrate Christmas with my family and am now dragging myself, kicking and screaming, back to my keyboard. I hope the Octave of Christmas has been as beautiful [Read More...]