Help New Evangelizers Keep Evangelizing!

If you’ve spent any time online in Catholic circles, you likely know Greg and Jennifer Willits of Rosary Army, The Catholics Next Door and New Evangelizers. When I ponder the “New Evangelization”, Greg and Jennifer are among the first faces who pop into my head. That’s likely because they were my first real “taste” of [Read More...]

Help a Mom Who’s Chosen Life Today

Friends, we only have four days remaining in the effort my site has undertaken to help pregnant moms who have chosen life and are being served through crisis pregnancy centers. Here’s the blueprint: and Ave Maria Press are partnering on this Lenten project to provide spiritual support to expectant mothers. We hope to [Read More...]

#PopeMoving: Pontifical Mission Societies Offer a Practical Giving Opportunity

The world watched and celebrated this week as Pope Francis was installed as our new Holy Father. To mark this momentous occasion and to help the faithful commemorate Pope Francis’ Pontificate, the Pontifical Mission Societies have launched the “Pope Moving” campaign: Our Holy Father has indicated that he wants us to celebrate his inauguration as [Read More...]

Help Save a Catholic Treasure: California’s Mission San Antonio de Padua


California parents know the famous “Fourth Grade Mission Project” as a rite of passage in our schools — not only Catholic schoolchildren but their public school counterparts participate in this assignment to study and build a model of one of the state’s twenty-one missions. My own son Adam’s fourth grade model of Mission San Buenaventure [Read More...]

#FultonFriday – Praying for and Financially Supporting the Poppe Family

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 6.57.04 AM

Friends who are tuned into my work in social media will have likely seen the very sad news I announced on January 8th. The 4 year old son of one of our contributors at, Cassandra Poppe, was involved in a horrific burn accident. Here is a summary of what happened to little Fulton and [Read More...]

Hope Has An Address: An Evening with Fr. Greg Boyle

Father Gregory Boyle

It’s funny, so often when you think you’re out to “help someone”, you typically find yourself on the receiving end of true grace. This happened to me on Saturday evening when I had the good fortune to attend the annual fundraiser for our diocesan television station, KNXT. Since I sit on the Board of Directors [Read More...]

After the Election: Be the Change You Desire

Today is an interesting day across my social media venues. I see many rejoicing as President Obama has been re-elected to lead our country for another four years. I see many asking — in sadness, in confusion, and often in anger — what this means for the causes many of us hold dear: the sanctity [Read More...]

Supporting Sandy Sufferers

Out here in California, I look out my office window and see a serene street and the grey low 60′s weather that reigns here in the Central Valley at this time of the year. My morning has been relatively quiet and the only sound I hear outside is the buzz of a nearby lawnmower. Suburbia… [Read More...]

Ferns, Flowers, & St. Mother Marianne

I’ll admit to having a “thing” for one of our newly minted Saints, St. “Mother” Marianne Cope. Among the newly canonized, she is likely my “favorite” saint (or at least in a two-way tie with St. Kateri). So I was excited to run across this gift shop offering a few special devotional items being offered [Read More...]

Random Inspiration En Route to Dallas

Hey team! I’m sitting in the airport in San Francisco on my way to Dallas for this weekend’s University of Dallas Ministry Conference. First off, may I wholeheartedly thank SFO for providing the cubicle with TWO plugs where I’m currently sitting and working during my hourlong layover? As a frequent traveler, I commend you. This [Read More...]