Google Glass & the New Evangelization – Potential Applications for Catholics

There it was in my inbox this morning: another invitation to plop down $1,500 to be an “explorer” in the Google Glass Explorer Program. If you’re a regular reader here, you know how this taunts me. I’m a huge geek, so the idea of wearing Glass is thrilling. But I’m also a realist who understands [Read More...]

Applauding Google’s “No Porn” Stance for Glass

My radio segment today on The Son Rise Morning Show with Brian Patrick broached the topic of Google’s recent decision to ban a particular adult-oriented (read “pornography”) “Glassware” application on the new Google Glass device. If you’re looking at that sentence and have no idea what I’m saying, here are a few basics: Google Glass is [Read More...]

“OK Glass” – Five Catholic Applications for Google Glass

Yesterday’s flurry of press about the totally awesome Google Glass project left me pondering the Catholic take on the geekiest tool to come down the pike since the Segway. You guys know me – I love this stuff. And I’ll definitely be lined up when the time comes to plop down way to much money [Read More...]