Summoning The Courage to Admit Our Sinful Nature

Not much time for a long reflection on this today, but I need to point you to Pope Francis’ homily for today’s gospel (Luke 7:36-50) and particularly one portion which has stayed with me all morning: “The privileged place to encounter Jesus Christ is in our sins”. Pope Francis observed that this may seem like [Read More...]

Per Papa: Watch Your Mouth

I love the ease with which Pope Francis preaches in this Rome Reports video from earlier today as he celebrates Mass with employees of Argentinian embassies and consulates in Italy: While the video doesn’t give the full context of the Pope’s homily, I would imagine that his remarks — preached in Spanish for the first time [Read More...]

What Have I Given Up to Follow Jesus?

I’m sort of in love with the daily opportunity to watch Pope Francis preach via Youtube. Today is no exception: To follow Jesus means to follow His path, not for power but by our witness and service. This was the focus of Pope Francis’ homily at morning Mass. Reflecting on the Gospel of the day, [Read More...]

Of Fig Trees & Flat Tires – Am I Ready?

Flat Tire

Today I had an object lesson in readiness that has me pondering the “bigger picture” conveyed in today’s Gospel message from Mark’s 13th chapter, where we read:  “But of that day or hour, no one knows, neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” My little lesson happened along a rural [Read More...]