We Can’t Neglect the Call for Prayer Amidst ISIS Religious Persecutions

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Perhaps you were like me: you missed watching this video on 60 Minutes Sunday night: More than 125,000 of Iraq’s Christians have been forced to flee the homeland they have lived in for nearly 2,000 years because of ISIS violence and threats. Lara Logan reports. We’re reminded by the USCCB that we each need to [Read More...]

Of Bryce: Personalizing the Headlines–Top Catholic Tweets for the Week of 2/21/15

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On Thursday night, I had a brief interaction, lasting approximately three hours, that will substantially change the way I read news headlines in the future. I was flying home from Atlanta (from a very cool project that I’ll be sharing here soon). Seated next to me (in the unfortunate “middle seat” position) was a very [Read More...]

Praying for Peace in the Midst of Unsettled Uncertainty

I have been offline a lot the past few days. Frankly, I’ve been unplugged in general as we move my youngest back in at college. In a way, there is tremendous comfort in doing things like unpacking boxes of books and laundering musty comforters. I’m normally not super awesome at doing “mom stuff” like this. [Read More...]

CRS Video from Iraq Will Melt Your Heart: Watch, Pray, Share & Give!

Not many words are necessary to accompany this amazing firsthand look at those impacted by the ongoing crisis in Iraq. Catholic Relief Services’ Communications Officer Caroline Brennan shares from the heart about what is being done to aid those most impacted by the ongoing violence in the region: If you can get past the frames [Read More...]

Praying for Peace in Iraq

Pope Francis led us in prayer today with three separate posts on Twitter for those living in Iraq: These were followed up with a press release (included below) from the USCCB’s Committee of International Justice and Peace. It is clear that these persecuted families need our immediate prayers and attention. Please join me in praying [Read More...]