Sweet Tweets for 4/18/14 — The Good Friday Edition

This has been a different Lent for me. The first without my sons at home, and a level of busyness in my work life that is unprecedented. As we approach the glory of Easter on Sunday, I’m divided between wishing in some ways for a Lenten extension to journey yet closer to Christ, and eagerly [Read More...]

Support the Friends of Little Portion Hermitage Campaign

In case you haven’t already heard of this, here’s an excellent opportunity for you to engage in some meaningful Holy Week fasting and almsgiving: Friends of Little Portion Hermitage have just begun a fundraising campaign. The initial goal of this fundraising effort is $50,000. We hope to receive enough donations over the course of time to [Read More...]

Change Our Hearts: Little Book Making a Big Lenten Difference

Don’t let it’s tiny size fool you. This is an actual picture of my phone along side one of my favorite new Lent books for 2014, Change Our Hearts: Daily Meditations for Lent by Rory Cooney. Granted, at 5.7 inches, my Note 3 is a monster. But this little Lenten devotional is still the perfect size [Read More...]

My Lenten Prayer and Fasting Amidst California’s Drought

My Lenten prayer and fasting this year has included a new focus since the March 7th release of the following press release from Sacramento’s Bishop Jaime Soto. While the rest of the country has been struck by the “polar vortex”, we here in the Central Valley of California are literally begging God for rain and [Read More...]

Sweet Tweets for 3/07/14 — Walking with Christ Joyfully

Even though it’s only been two days, a Friday seems not only the perfect day for Sweet Tweets, but also a perfect day to reflect back upon how our Lent has been going so far. Perhaps, like me, you’ve already played the mental game of “I don’t really need to fast from xyz after all [Read More...]

Sweet Tweets for 2/28/14 — On the Essential Nature of the Eucharist and Lenten Resources

Let’s keep Pope Francis in our prayers today in a special way. The Vatican is reporting that he cancelled today’s commitments due to a “minor ailment” and slight fever. Honestly, with the pace our Holy Father keeps, he needs our prayers every day. Here’s hoping that he’s tucked away in bed, getting some good rest! [Read More...]

Fr. Barron Invites You to Journey with Him This Lent!

This looks super cool! Would you like a deeper, more powerful Lent this year? To start each day by drawing closer to Christ? Then sign up for Fr. Robert Barron’s free daily Lent reflections list. Each day, from Ash Wednesday (March 5) until Easter Sunday (April 20), Fr. Barron will send you a short reflection, straight [Read More...]

Help a Mom Who’s Chosen Life Today

Friends, we only have four days remaining in the effort my site CatholicMom.com has undertaken to help pregnant moms who have chosen life and are being served through crisis pregnancy centers. Here’s the blueprint: CatholicMom.com and Ave Maria Press are partnering on this Lenten project to provide spiritual support to expectant mothers. We hope to [Read More...]

Forgiveness without Fail

I wanted to share a quick post and Father Roderick’s video from today’s Angelus, Pope Francis’ visit with all of us globally today to remind us of the theme of God’s unfailing forgiveness for his people. In his video, Father Roderick captures both the sense of love the throngs in St. Peter’s Square have for [Read More...]

Leaving the Evangelism Bubble: How Far Outside Your Comfort Zone Have You Gone?

I received an intriguing email invitation today. The offer came from a radio program, inviting me to come on their show and to speak with their audience about Lent. The hosts of this show are active in another religion, one which does not traditionally observe the season of Lent. In their note, the hosts told [Read More...]