Mass Friends: Do You Know Their Names?

Mass Friends-

On Sunday, I sat in my usual spot at my home parish. These days, I hesitate to call the center of the third pew “my spot” because I’m only in it about once or twice a month due to frequent travels. But when I do worship on Sundays at our home parish, I’m a creature [Read More...]

Cry Room: Love or Hate?

U.S. Catholic wants your input. [Read more...]

Why Do Passionate Preachers Make Some Catholics Squirm?

I recently had a terrific Mass experience that has me mentally trying to answer something, so I thought I’d share my befuddlement here in the hopes that you might have some answers. Case in point: me, sitting in Mass, listening to an amazing homily by a passionate preacher. He’s on fire, and actually has been [Read More...]

Why Catholics Skip Mass

I recently read an interesting article on the blog of Father Christopher M. Zelonis — another “Fr. Z” — who calls himself a “Catholic Priest, Amateur Musician, Insatiable Verbivore and Dedicated Runner” The post in question was called “Unpacking the Precepts”: The Lord’s Day Observance and it delved into the reasons that the average Catholic [Read More...]

At Home in the Body of Christ

Adam and the Pioneer

The past few days have been filled with contrast. We are in Eugene, Oregon for a few days, visiting the University of Oregon with our sons Adam (the potential future Duck) and Eric (the current Harvard Junior who’s along for the ride). I must say that I came into this little adventure as a skeptic, [Read More...]