University of Notre Dame Invites Us to Pray During Holy Week

Image credit: "NDU-Goldkuppel" by Tobias Rad, Cornelia Rad - 35mm Photograph taken by Tobias Rad, Digitalized by FUJI, Modified by Cornelia Rad. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

I always enjoy my regular mailings from the Alumni Association at my alma mater, the University of Notre Dame. This week, I was happy to learn of the plans on campus for alums to visit virtually during Holy Week (from the Alumni Association‘s newsletter): To prepare for the celebration of Easter, the Notre Dame community [Read More...]

Sharing My Prayer of Thanksgiving

Frequent blog readers will know that I love my alma mater, the University of Notre Dame. I was recently invited to pen a “Prayer of Thanksgiving” to be shared on the University’s FaithND website. The “prayercards” section of the site includes many beautiful prayers that you can send via a variety of formats. This week, [Read More...]

ND’s Big Blue ACE RV Celebrates Hope in Tampa Catholic Schools

As an alumna of the University of Notre Dame, I always love following the good fruit being born by various programs of the University. One of these is the amazing Alliance for Catholic Education program which continues to find new and dynamic ways of supporting and promoting Catholic education. I loved reading this week’s story [Read More...]

Why, Why Manti?

With a hat tip to my Twitter buddy Marcel LeJeune & with apologies for the Al Roker snippets.. too funny not to share: I’ll bet even Manti laughs when he sees this one! And if you’re wondering why I haven’t blogged about the interview yet, it’s because I haven’t yet had a chance to see [Read More...]

Notre Dame’s #1 Most Beautiful Cathedral & Other Worldwide Beauties

Feel like taking a little field trip today? Take ten minutes and treat yourself to this article on the 30 Most Beautiful College Cathedrals. I’ll admit a slight bias, since my alma mater‘s Basilica of the Sacred Heart comes in at number one. For an even better sneak peek, take the Basilica’s Virtual Tour. This [Read More...]

The Manti Mess: What I’ll be Discussing with My Sons

As the whole Manti Te’o/”Lennay Kekua saga” continues with information swirling around us, I’ve been pondering what — in absence of the absolute truth — I can as (as a mother) share about this situation with my two sons. Our eldest is close to Manti’s age, and an equally gifted young man. Our youngest, a high [Read More...]

“Catfished” – I Believe Manti Te’o

My head is reeling tonight from a story involving both my alma mater, Notre Dame and my favorite college football player, Manti Te’o. In a nutshell, here is the story as reported by Jack Swarbrick, Vice President and Director of Athletics for the University of Notre Dame: Good evening. Thanks to all of you for [Read More...]

Manti’s Mission, The Year of Faith & Me

I’ve been praying about how to broach a topic that I know may be a bit controversial here on the blog with some of my friends who are readers and wonderful Catholics. I’ve mentally written, revised and trashed this particular topic at least three times this week, in the end chickening out from actually posting [Read More...]

Gone Fishin’ Edition – News You Can Use

…or something equally as fun. I’m playing hooky today. I’ll likely share a few details of my adventure with you tomorrow, but in the mean time I thought I’d share a few newsy takes for you to enjoy in my absence: #FundingFriday – If you caught me on today’s SonRise Morning Show you heard me mention this [Read More...]