Social Media’s Impact on the Boston Tragedy: A Faith Perspective

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During my radio segment on this morning’s episode of the Son Rise Morning Show with Brian Patrick, my conversation with Brian took an interesting spin on the recent Boston Marathon tragedy and its aftermath. We are, of course, still waiting for the details of the investigation to unfold and as Americans, we seek to avoid [Read More...]

How the Devil Gets to Catholic Bloggers like Me


Can you send a prayer for me today, folks? I’m a bit out of sorts and kind of a mess. Much of it has to do with family stuff — first and foremost, I am a wife and a mom. And much of what drives my life will never appear on the pages of any [Read More...]

AdoptACardinal: Cardinal Sean, I’ve Adopted You!

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Over on Twitter this afternoon a new friend’s tweet caught my eye: I’m late to the prayer party! It looks like has been up on Twitter since February 23rd. Since then, 82,393 (and counting) folks have “adopted” a Cardinal. When I entered my adoption papers at the website today I was randomly matched with [Read More...]

Is Online Prayer “Real”? Catholic Sista Martina Kreitzer Weighs In

Martina Kreitzer

At least ten times a day, I type some version of the words, “I will pray for you”. I’ve been asking myself recently if I really mean those words when I say/type them. In an age where we are increasingly overwhelmed by so many messages, so much information, and so many demands upon our time, [Read More...]

Today’s “Digital Prayer Chain” — Chime in and Win!


In preparation for my weekly radio segment this week on the Sonrise Morning Show with Brian Patrick, I need your input. The topic we plan to discuss is “creative ways to use social media as a modern prayer chain”. I must give credit where it’s due: this theme is the brainchild of the ever-awesome Matt [Read More...]

Why Change Is Possible


Happy Monday morning friends — yes, out here in California it’s officially still morning. I’m calling today the first “real” day of 2013, since for me today marks a return to “real life” with the return of my son Adam to his final semester of high school. As I type this, our college-aged son Eric [Read More...]

The Grace of Accepting Help


I was reminded today what a blessing it is to have such a supportive online community of friends. In numerous situations lately, the power of a strong praying community has felt so very tangible in my life. When I begin to doubt my course in life on long, strenuous days, God inevitably graces me with [Read More...]

Are Peace and Advent Incompatible?


As I was praying with my Advent wreath this morning, it occurred to me first of all how odd it is to pray with an Advent resource I wrote myself. This year, as part of my devotions for the season, I’ll be using my own little O Radiant Dawn. Since it’s been well over a [Read More...]

Why I #Gratefultweet


For 424 days and counting, my friend @MattSwaim has been starting his social media days with a “#gratefultweet“. His first online communication of the day over at Twitter states — in 140 characters or less — something for which he is grateful. Sometimes the blessings are simple, other times more profound. Regardless, they never cease [Read More...]

Prayers for Our Loved Ones in Purgatory

All Souls

As we close out All Souls Day, I realize I’ve been remiss in something I’d been planning to do here on the blog. Today saw Pope Benedict XVI pausing for quiet prayer in the Crypt beneath St. Peter’s Basilica to remember the souls of the faithfully departed pontiffs who have gone before him. Seeing the [Read More...]