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New out in advance of the Walk for Life West Coast, a brief but compelling video that gives the viewer a look at the range of emotions confronted by post abortive women: Click through to read the accompanying statistics. [Read more...]

40 Days for Life: Day 13 – 135 Babies Saved


I’d intended to provide more regular updates on the amazing 40 Days for Life campaign but somehow we’re already on Day 13. 40 Days for Life is a pro-life campaign working to end abortion through prayer and fasting, peaceful vigils outside abortion centers, and community outreach. I’m registered to receive their daily emails, so I’ve [Read More...]

40 Days to End Abortion and Change Your Life


I’m late to the party sharing this item — I’ve been busy the past few days getting my youngest son off to college. More on that later, but for now I want to bring you up to speed on a few news items that have occurred this week. First off: 40 Days for Life Many [Read More...]

Post-abortive Woman Shares Compelling Testimony & Advice


I don’t do a ton of pro-life stuff here at Patheos. I hope my readers know my feelings in this arena (100% pro-life from conception until natural death) and I have the sense that there are other outlets that can more effectively cover this subject. But every once in a while I run across a [Read More...]

Cute Kid Test-Driving Pope Mobile Steals My Heart

How awesome is this Rome Reports video of a teenager “test driving” the Popemobile? Clearly, no words are necessary when it comes to Pope Francis. The test driver in question isĀ Alberto di Tullio, a 17 year old who was admiring the popemobile during his June 19th visit to the General Audience. Per a Huffington Post [Read More...]

Publix Mom — I Dare You Not to Cry…

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I couldn’t get through this without tears — a lovely, simple but clear pro-life message in honor of Mother’s Day. Enjoy and share! [Read more...]

Gosnell and Horror: Where is Our Horror for Every Child Lost to Abortion?

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Today I’m breaking my blog silence on something that has been on everyone’s mind this month, the abomination that is the Gosnell murder machine. I can’t bring myself to refer to this man who is currently on trial for eight counts of murder as “Doctor”. He is clearly a monster. I am opposed to the [Read More...]

Isn’t It Time to “Recall Abortion”?


Today’s book review is a week late. I’ve been carrying author Janet Morana’s book Recall Abortion: Ending the Abortion Industry’s Exploitation of Women with me for a few weeks and had intended to have my remarks on the book ready for last week’s commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. That [Read More...]

Random Inspiration En Route to Dallas

Sharon Smith

Hey team! I’m sitting in the airport in San Francisco on my way to Dallas for this weekend’s University of Dallas Ministry Conference. First off, may I wholeheartedly thank SFO for providing the cubicle with TWO plugs where I’m currently sitting and working during my hourlong layover? As a frequent traveler, I commend you. This [Read More...]